Campus Security

Campus Security Officers

Campus Security Officers provide safety & security services to all members of the Cape Breton University community 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Their services include security patrol throughout the campus, control access, parking enforcement, maintaining a centralized lost & found and responding to incidents and emergencies.

Location: Campus Center (Main Lobby)
Cell: phone or TEXT:  (902)578-2316
Office: (902) 563-1133 (main desk)

Additional Security Services

Safe Walk on University Campus

Campus Security offers the Safe Walk Program to all members of the University community and visitors.  Campus Security Officers will provide an escort on the University property. The request can be made by contacting Campus Security at (902)578-2316.

Lone Worker/Student

The lone worker/student program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are working or studying at night and would like Campus Security to check on your safety please call Campus Security at (902)578-2316.

Make sure you review our training and education resources.

  • Who are the Campus Security Officers?

    Cape Breton University provides a friendly and progressive security service, dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to the campus community.  Each campus security officer has received specialized police/corrections training and CPR & First Aid training.  They are responsible for creating and fostering a safe and open campus community which includes education and the promotion/enforcement of university regulations relating to safety and security.

  • Where’s the lost and found?

    A lost and found bin is located at the Security desk in the Campus Center.  To retrieve a lost item you must be able to clearly identify it. At the end of each term, any unclaimed items will be given to a local charity.

  • Can I leave a package for a student, staff or faculty member at Campus Security?

    No. Security is not equipped to hold or track packages. All packages should be left with applicable faculties or offices.

  • What should I do if I am locked out of my office?

    Contact the Campus Security at (902)578-2316.  Please present Campus Security with a valid piece of identification, in order to gain access to a room.  The estimated wait time is 30 minutes.

  • What if my property is stolen or damaged?

    Report the theft or damage as soon as possible to Campus Security. A report to Cape Breton Regional Police should also be made for criminal offences. It is important that we are informed of all thefts and damage as it may show a pattern of where these incidents are happening. Safety & Security can often assist the police in their investigations.

  • What should I do if there is a suspicious person in residence or on campus?

    Contact Campus Security at (902)578-2316.  Security will be dispatched and contact the appropriate emergency services if required. If safe to do so, try to obtain a description of the suspicious person.

  • Are there guidelines in place for emergencies?

    Yes.  Cape Breton University has an Emergency Response Guide posted on the CBU website and an “In Case of Emergency” poster in every classroom and lecture hall that outline what faculty, staff and students should do in emergency situations. An Emergency Response Team is in place, with the authority to respond to, manage, control and investigate all aspects of incidents and emergencies.