Natasha Roach – Success both on and off the court

Natasha RoachPrior to Natasha Roach starting university she stumbled upon a quote that resonated with her “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going,” she knew at that moment that the next chapter in her life would be tough, but worth it.

Natasha is successfully receiving two degrees from CBU, a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). It was not until her second year when she took business calculus from Ron McCarron that she decided she would also enroll in the BBA program. Like most professors at CBU, Ron was always willing to take as much time as needed to ensure all students understood the material.

“To be able to say I graduated from a university I love, not to mention, being apart of a team that won an Atlantic University Sport Basketball Championship in my final year, is indeed a dream come true,” says Natasha.

Although she received support both on the court and off, from coaches, family, friends, faculty and staff, she found year one overwhelming at times, especially being away from home and trying to balance her studies while also playing for the CBU Women’s Basketball Team.

At CBU there are many supports available to students to ensure they meet their academic goals, such as the Jennifer Keeping Centre (the Centre). Natasha attributes her academic success and ability to find balance to Ken Bickerton, Manager of Accessibility and Student Transition, and *Mel Clarke, Disability Resource Facilitator, of the Centre. Mel and Ken introduced Natasha to Jennifer Gardiner, one of the Centre’s tutors, who has helped her throughout her years spent at CBU. “Jennifer helped shape me back into the student I was prior to my first year of university,” she says.

In addition to having benefited from the services available at the Centre, Natasha was asked to become a tutor, proctor and scriber. Although nervous at first, she took on this new challenge with the same dedication that she brings to the court everyday.

As she prepares to walk across the stage, Natasha is excited about the next chapter, knowing she is ready to take on new challenges and pursue opportunities with confidence. “One thing I will never forget about CBU is how much everyone cared and helped me succeed,” says Natasha.

*Mel Clarke retired from CBU in 2013 and later passed away in 2015. This profile is dedicated to his memory.