Rowaida Magdy – Mastering her Dreams

Rowaida MagdyRowaida Magdy came to Cape Breton University from Egypt in 2010. She originally heard about CBU though the CIC campus in Cairo. Though she may have been reluctant to travel so far for her education at first, it was well worth it for her!

“If I had not come to CBU, I wouldn’t have met all the great people whom have changed my life in different ways, and I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of my dreams,” says Rowaida. “I have to thank my mother for this, because she is the one who encouraged and supported me to finish my last year of my Bachelor degree here at CBU and since then great things happened to me, which I will never forget.”

After Rowaida graduated with her Bachelor of Technology Information degree in 2011, she went on to chase her dream of earning a Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development. She’ll cross the stage this fall to accept her degree.

Rowaida says, “There are many things I love about CBU. The most is meeting very interesting and kind people from all over the world. I love how diverse this university is. I have met incredible academics here at CBU, and amazing friends whom over the years became family. CBU brings students together no matter where they come from.”

Rowaida plans to stay in Cape Breton and build a career here. She feels that Cape Breton has offered her a lot over the past six years, and has no doubt that she will find a great opportunity here to help start her career.

As for those who are considering traveling to CBU for their education, Rowaida offers some advice, “CBU is home away from home. It is the place where you will make your dreams come true. You will make lifetime memories with amazing people from all around the world. Everyone at CBU is extremely helpful, kind, and endearing. It is an amazing little community that is unique in its own way.”