Nicholas Collishaw – Leading by Example

Nicholas Collishaw

Submitted photo.

For Nicholas Collishaw of Sydney, NS, taking a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS) degree was an obvious fit. The 24 year old loves sports and was impressed that he could study something he had a passion for in his hometown.

“The BACS program created more opportunities for myself then I ever thought it could, both during my degree and after completing it,” says Nicholas. “The work experience placements in particular allowed me to gain practical insight on my future career goals and allowed me to experience them first hand. During my first placement I had the opportunity to work at a CBI Health Centre under the supervision of Physiotherapist Matt Kay and Administrator Kaila Joe, this opportunity made me realize that I am meant to pursue a career in a health profession and that I am going in the right direction in terms of my education.“

During his second and third year at CBU, NIcholas’ own personal health and fitness became a priority and sparked a newfound passion that carried over to his Community Studies and Sport and Human Kinetic courses. It was during that time that he took advantage of the great services and facilities the university offers its students, such as the membership to the Cape Breton Health and Recreation Complex, and was able to overcome obesity.

“During an 18-month period I was able to lose over 140-pounds,” says Nicholas. “Having access to a fitness facility on campus was a huge contributing factor in my successful weight-loss.”

Nicholas is currently pursuing a second degree at Dalhousie University studying Kinesiology in the school of Health and Human Performance. He plans to graduate from the Kinesiology program in spring of 2018, and has plans to attend a Master of Science Physiotherapy program afterwards.

“CBU will always be considered my “Home” university no matter where I decide to study, says NIcholas. “It has created a positive lasting impact on my life, and I am grateful for the experiences and friendships it has provided me over the years.