Esraa Ashraf – Class Valedictorian

Esraa Sharaf, CBU Valedictorian Fall 2016Esraa Ashraf transferred to CBU from the Canadian International College Cairo for her fourth year of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She wanted to live the Canadian experience and, in her own words, make it happen.

“CIC Ciaro fully prepared me to be excel in all kind of means at CBU,” says Esraa. “I had my doubts when I first decided to travel across the world to study at CBU, but once I came here, I had no regrets. I am so excited to go home for Christmas and tell all my friends and family about my successful journey so far at CBU.”

Not quite prepared to end her time at CBU, Esraa applied and was accepted into the Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development program. She’ll cross the stage to graduate a second time in May of 2017.

“Students get the best of both worlds by living and studying on the most beautiful island in the world,” says Esraa. “It’s such a socially engaged campus that students get to excel academically and feel at home at the same time, regardless of how far home really is for them. Everyone is willing to help you far and beyond their efforts to make you successful and provide you with the tools necessary in order to reach your goals.”

One of Esraa’s lofty goals was to someday represent her class at graduation, she says, “I am honored to be the valedictorian of the 2016 graduate class. It has been my dream since I was young to excel academically so I can later pursue my goal of acquiring a PhD.”