WiFi at CBU

CBU has recently completed the establishment of a campus-wide wireless network designed to allow laptop computers to connect to the campus backbone using wireless radio technology.  The technology supports “roaming” so that your wireless connection persists even as you move about the campus with your laptop computer. Over 50 access points are available.

Authentication is required for you to use the WiFi network.  For faculty and staff your login name and password are the same ones you use when you login to your desktop computer. For students it is the same login name and password you use in the computer labs and for your CBU hosted email account.

For answers to your WiFi questions, connect to our wireless FAQs here.

Residence WiFi

Wireless Internet is now available in some of our residences. For more details connect to Residence-WiFi.


IT Help Desk

Office: Marvin Harvey Building (1st floor)

Phone: 563-1123