Student Accounts

Network Access

Your username and password is required for authentication in all computer labs, and when using the campus wireless network.  Your Username is the beginning of your CBU e-mail address, up to the @.  Your initial password is your date of birth in yymmdd format.

For example, if your CBU email address is

Username: cbu11xyz
Password: 870102

You are advised to change this password to something only you would know, using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.  For more information see Directions for changing your password

Email Access

You will be assigned a CBU email address upon acceptance at the University which will be sent to your personal email account.  If this does not arrive in your Inbox please check your Junk Mail folder.  Your CBU email address will be the primary mode of communications between the university and you.  Please check it often. For more information please see the CBU Student E-mail Policy

You may access the webmail server through the CBU website, or directly by linking to

Forwarding Your CBU Email

Directions for forwarding your CBU email to another email account.

Please note that forwarding of your CBU email is done at your own risk.

RADAR Access

To access CBU’s Student Information System, theSIS, for course records and financial information, you must enter your student ID and PIN number. Students can register for a PIN number by selecting ‘Register for a PIN’ from the Student Logon page, and following the directions given.

Moodle Access

If you have any professors using Moodle for course management, you may access this through the CBU website, or directly by linking to

As you register into courses using Moodle, the course will be added to your account. To log into Moodle use the same Username and Password you use to log into the network.

Print Credits

Please Note: Use Print Preview to ensure you are printing only what you intended to print.

In order to print in the labs, you must first prepay for printing.  “Print Credits” may be purchased from the Help Desk in the Marvin Harvey Building. We recommend you deposit $20 at the beginning of the year. Printing is charged against your print credits at a rate of $0.10 per page; $0.15 for a double side page; $0.25 per coloured page.  To determine your current print credits, when logged into a computer under your account, you will see a black dollar sign ($) in the notification area of the task bar. If you hover your mouse over this icon you will see the print credit total on your account.

IT Help Desk

Office: Marvin Harvey Building (1st floor)

Phone: 563-1123