myCBUcard FAQ’s

  • 1. What is the myCBUcard?

    The myCBUcard is a smart card that will act as CBU’s official identification card and replace existing CBU ID cards for all students, staff, faculty and community members.

    It is your personal identification (ID) while on campus. Its features extend beyond a simple ID – making it smart! It’s your CBU library card, campus fitness centre pass, meal plan card, and print and photocopy card. The CBU Smart Card also acts as a debit card, allowing you to make purchases at retail outlets on campus.

  • 2. Do I need a CBU Smart Card?

    Yes! All students, staff and faculty need to have a CBU Smart Card. Community members wanting to use the CBU Library will also need a valid CBU Guest Smart Card.

  • 3. Where do I get my CBU Smart Card?

    Smart Cards are available at the Smart Card Office in Room B190 in the Marvin Harvey Building, near the Registrar’s Office.

  • 4. Is there a cost associated with the Smart Card?

    Your initial card is free. Replacement cards are $15.00.

  • 5. When can I start using my card?

    You can use your card as soon as you receive it! It is your official CBU ID.

  • 6. Where can I use my CBU Smart Card?

    Initially, Smart Cards will be used as your ID card for events, your library card, for printing and photocopying, and for tracking of meal plans.

    In addition, the general fund account can be used as a debit card for purchases at the bookstore and cafeteria on campus. Soon, additional venues will be added where you can also use your card!

  • 7. What is a general account?

    The myCBUcard general account allows the smart card to act as a debit card for on-campus purchases. Funds can be added to this account through the online web portal. (see FAQ #11)

    Initially, the general account can be used at any Chartwells (cafeteria, coffee stand, dining hall) and Follett (CBU bookstore) locations. Watch the website and social media for additional vendors!

  • 8. What do I do if my CBU Smart Card is lost or stolen?

    First deactivate your CBU Smart Card online through the web portal using the account tool. Until you deactivate your card it can be used to make purchases and any balance of funds on the card could be at risk. You will need to get a replacement card at the Smart Card Office in the Marvin Harvey Building Room B190. You will not be required to have another photo taken. The replacement card will be activated immediately and any balance of funds will be transferred to the new card. The cost for a replacement card is $15.00

  • 9. What if my CBU Smart Card is not working?

    If your Smart Card is not working, take it to the Smart Card Office in B190 of the Marvin Harvey Building. If your card has been physically damaged, there will be a $15.00 replacement fee. If the card has not been damaged but is not working, it will be replaced at no cost.

  • 10. Do I need my CBU Smart Card to write my exams?

    Yes! In accordance with established policies, all students writing examinations are required to show a valid CBU ID Card.

  • 11. How do I add money to my CBU Smart Card general account?

    You can add money to your CBU Smart Card through the online web portal.  If your parents know your Student ID #, they can also add money by logging into the ‘Parents’ section.

  • 12. Can parents, family and friends add/credit money to my CBU Smart Card general account?

    By logging into the Parents section of the myCBUcard site, anyone who knows your name and your CBU Student ID number can add funds. This is under your control. The university will not provide this information to anyone but you.

  • 13. I am an employee of CBU and need a CBU Smart Card. Do I need to bring anything?

    Please bring your employee ID # with you to the Smart Card Office (Marvin Harvey Building Room B190). If you do not know your employee ID#, you can obtain it through Human Resources. When you come for your Smart Card, you may choose to have a new photo taken, or to use one we may have on file.

  • 14. If I want to access the CBU Fitness Centre, do I need my CBU Smart Card?

    Yes, you do need your CBU Smart Card to access the fitness centre.

  • 15. Can I use my CBU Smart Card at the parking meters on campus?

    No. Parking cannot be paid for with your CBU Smart card at the meters on campus, however, you can purchase your CBU parking pass with your CBU Smart Card in the Bookstore.

  • 16. Can my CBU Smart Card be used as a bus pass?

    At this time, CBU Smart Cards will not a valid form of payment for buses in the CBRM.

  • 17. How do I use my smart card to print and photocopy in the CBU library?

    A valid CBU smartcard will be required to access printers and photocopiers at the CBU Library. The two Konica Minolta copiers will have a card reader attached to each unit. Any print jobs submitted to the Konica print queue can be released on either of the Konica Minolta printer/copiers. Approach the Konica devices and tap your card on the reader. All of your print jobs will be displayed. Select individual print jobs or select All Jobs, your print jobs will be printed if there are sufficient funds available in the General Account. To add funds, see FAQ # 10.

    To make photo copies simply approach the Konica Minolta copier/printers and tap your card. The first screen will show any remaining print jobs. If no print jobs are waiting, the copier menu will be presented. Follow the on screen instructions to make copies.

    If there are print jobs waiting simply tap the “Use Copier” button and the copier menu will be displayed. Follow the on screen instructions to make copies.

    There are also two high capacity Ricoh printers available for printing as well. Any print jobs submitted to the Ricoh print queue can be printed on these large printers near the circulation desk. To release print jobs users must access the Print Release Station located near the printers. Simply tap your CBU Smart Card on the card reader. Any print jobs waiting for you will appear on the screen. Select which print jobs you wish to print. Then logout of the screen. Any print jobs not printed will eventually time out and be deleted.

    The process will be identical for users that have a Guest Payment Card.

  • 18. How do I print from the computer labs located in the Marvin Harvey Building?

    Printing in the labs will not require users to present or tap their CBU Smart Cards. However, users will be required to have a CBU Smart Card with funds loaded into the General Account. When printing from any of these labs user will simply select File/Print from their application and the print job will be sent to a printer located in the corner of the lab. Users will also have the ability to select the print queue for the color laser printer located at the Help Desk or to the Konica Universal Print queue which will allow users to print on the larger Konica Minolta MFD. Users must have sufficient funds loaded to the General Account on their CBU Smart Card to print.

  • 19. Can I print from my own laptop or tablet?

    Yes, printing form your personal devices is supported. We have enabled several print queues for web print service. Users can visit the CBU print site and login using their CBU network account.

    Enter your CBU network ID and password. On the landing page look for the link Web Print. Click on this link and go to the main Web Print page. Then click on submit job and follow the on screen instructions to upload your document. Any Microsoft Office documents from Excel, Word and PowerPoint are supported. PDF files and XPS files are also supported. A few image formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and Gif are supported. Other document formats are not supported.

    Print jobs can be submitted from just about any type of device and can be printed on a variety of printers on campus. The main printers will be those in the CBU Library (Ricoh and Konica Minolta), the color printer at the library and the IT Help Desk and up to 10 other large Konica printers located in publically accessible areas. Look for the card reader attached to the printer/copier and you will have access to print or copy.

  • 20. Where can I make photo copies using my CBU smartcard?

    Users will be able to accesses printers and copiers at various locations around campus. The main print location for most students will be at the CBU Library. There are 10 other Konica Minolta copier/printers located across the campus. Any of the Konica devices that have the smart card readers attached to the front can be accessed by users with a valid smart card. The copiers located in the following areas outside of the CBU Library:

    Learning Commons Hallway – Marvin Harvey Building near B110

    Engineering Hallway – Arseneau-Britten Building, 2nd Floor

    Student Union Hallway – Student Union Building 2nd Floor near elevators

    Technology Center Hallway – TC building, near the main entrance

    Campus Expansion Hallway

    Campus Centre

    Shannon School of Business, 2nd Floor

  • 21. I have money on my CBU Smart Card, can it be refunded?

    Only students who are graduating or permanently leaving CBU may have the money from their myCBUcard General Account refunded. Balances under $5.00 are non-refundable. The student card account will be rendered closed at the time of the refund. Refunds must be requested in writing at the Smart Card Office in B190 of the Marvin Harvey building.

  • 22. Is there any additional information regarding the use of the CBU Smart Card?

    Terms and conditions can be found on the CBU Smart Card website