CBU is pleased to announce the establishment of the myCBUcard.  This smart card will be your official CBU identification card.  In addition to identification, the card will be your library card, and will facilitate printing and copying in the library, labs and general photocopiers across campus.  As your official CBU identification card, it will be required for entry to examinations, and may be required for entrance to some events. If you have a meal plan, the card will allow you to gain admittance to the dining hall and track your usage.  In addition, you can use a general account on the card as a debit card on campus sites like the bookstore and food outlets.  You can manage your funds and track your purchases on-line.

This year, all students are required to obtain the new myCBUcard. Once you obtain your card, it will be valid as for as long as you attend CBU. Your initial card is free. A $15. fee is charged for replacement cards.

The Cape Breton University (CBU) Identification card, also referred to as myCBUcard, is governed by the general terms and conditions of the CBU smartcard program and CBU’s policies, procedures and regulations. Read the terms and conditions carefully as they contain binding obligations between you and CBU.

The CBU Smart Card Office is located in room B177A in the Marvin Harvey Building.

By obtaining a myCBUcard, depositing funds into your myCBUcard account or by using myCBUcard associated services; you agree to and accept all of these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time and without notice. Future changes will apply to all myCBUcards in circulation and will supersede the previous terms and conditions in effect at the time you acquired your myCBUcard. Be sure to review the terms and conditions regularly.

myCBUcard Terms and Conditions

For further information on your myCBUcard:




IT Help Desk

Office: Marvin Harvey Building (1st floor)

Phone: 563-1123