International Health & Dental Insurance

Your Insurance Policy

  • All international students are enrolled and covered by the TIC –CBU International Student Health & Dental Insurance Plan. This plan is mandatory and protects your health and your financial security.

Your plan will cover:

  • Basic health care, dental care and emergency coverage. This includes visits to the doctor and hospital.
  • Diagnostic services and procedures. This includes x-rays and blood tests.

When can I start using my plan?

Effective date of your health plan is September 1.

Expiry date of your health plan is August 31.

Where do I get my insurance card?

Health cards will arrive on campus the middle of October.  The International Advisors office will email all students to notify you when your card has arrived.

Should you need to see a doctor before you receive your card, you can present your CBU ID card to the healthcare professional.

How much is the plan?

The cost of the plan is $732.00 for individual coverage.

The cost of the plan is $1,800.00 for family coverage.  If you wish to have coverage for your family in Canada you must visit the International Advisors to complete the application no later than September 30.  Once approved by the insurer, coverage will begin.

Medical Services Insurance (MSI)

If you have been residing in Nova Scotia for 12 consecutive months and you have not left the province for more than 31 consecutive days, you may be eligible for provincial medical insurance known as MSI. An MSI card is available to Nova Scotia residents and provides medical and hospital care free of charge. Please note that this is not an extended health coverage plan so prescription drugs, etc. are not covered. You will continue to require your extended benefits plan (DSU Health and Dental Plan).

Getting your provincial health card

To obtain an application and determine your eligibility, please call the MSI office at 902-496-7008. Once you receive your MSI card you can visit our office to inquire about opting out of the International Student Health Insurance Plan. Please note: you must be in possession of a valid MSI card that covers you for an entire term or year in order to opt out of the International Student Health Insurance Plan (September 1 to August 31).

Annual renewal of MSI coverage

Once you are eligible for provincial medical coverage (MSI) you must apply for it annually as your card has an expiry date. You will be asked to prove that you have not left the province for more than 31 consecutive days (in addition to other requirements). This program which is provided by the Government of Nova Scotia is subject to change without notice

Where to go when you are sick

All students requiring non-emergency medical care are encouraged to visit the Max Bell Centre (located next to Subway restaurant).  The doctor or nurse can assist you and provide information for further follow-up, if necessary.

Students requiring medical care after Max Bell Centre hours can visit The Cape Breton Walk-In Clinic located at The Medical Arts Building.  Medical Arts Building is located at 336 Kings Road, Suite 102.  Clinic Hours are Monday-Friday from 5-8p.m.  Contact telephone number is (902) 567-0318.

Students requiring emergency medical attention can visit the Hospital Emergency Room at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, located at 1482 George Street.  You will be seen in order of priority, thus, non-severe cases can take several hours.

811 is Nova Scotia’s TeleCare Line that is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  A Registered Nurse will provide advice and information regarding your general health issues & questions.  You can visit the 811 website as well for health information at .

In case of emergency please call 911 for serious medical situations.

Additional Services

Counselling services are available to all students of Cape Breton University.  Our counselor, Helen Boone is located in Learning Commons and Student Life Center.

Appointments to meet with our counselor can be made by contacting Angela MacKinnon at 902-563-1639 or via email at .

Questions / Inquiries

Please contact the International Advisors located in the Students Learning Commons for an questions or assistance with the International Medical Plan.

Stephanie MacDonald

Office: B-117-5
Phone: 902-563-1671

Donalda Johnston-Roper

Office: B-117-4
Phone: 902-563-1278

Your prescription to health & saving money starts with the CBU International Medical Plan.

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Donalda Johnston-Roper
International Student Advisor

Office: B 117-4

Phone: 902.563.1278