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Airport Arrival

Admission Application Forms

Studying in Canada

Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
*After receiving a Work Permit you will require a SIN

Service Canada

Health Insurance

International Student Health and Dental Insurance Application

International Student Health and Dental Insurance Application for Students Outside of Canada

Dental Schedule of Benefits

International Student Health Insurance Policy

International Student Health Insurance FAQ

International Student Health Insurance Cancellation Request

Health Insurance Claim Form

Must be completed In the event of medical treatment or hospitalization.

How to complete the Health Insurance Claim Form

Visitor Invitation Request

Instructions for completing the Letter of Invitation

Use this form to invite guests (it can be used to support their Visitor Visa application).

International Student Letter Request Form

Use this form when renewing a visa or study permit, or when requesting a letter of graduation from Dean’s Office

International Student Consent Form

May be required to secure immigration status while at Cape Breton University.

Donalda Johnston-Roper
International Student Advisor

Office: B 117-4

Phone: 902.563.1278