Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get more information about studying abroad?

    Information about the Study Abroad Exchange Program, including exchange possibilities, and an application can be obtained by contacting CBU’s International Student Exchange Coordinator:

    Victor Tomiczek (B-117) 902-563-1225

  • How do I choose courses at my host university?

    Students are expected to carry sufficient courses to maintain full-time status as defined by your host institution, and must be approved by the Dean of your academic school at CBU.

    *Please consult with your academic advisor to ensure courses you have chosen will meet your degree requirements at CBU. A Letter of Permission Form can be downloaded here:

    A Letter of Permission Form

  • When will I get my acceptance letter?

    Acceptance letters from some host universities will not be issued until three months prior to the start of classes at your host institution.

  • Do I need a Visa?

    Although most host institutions will provide you with information related to visas, it is your responsibility to determine which documents you require and then apply to the appropriate government offices (i.e. embassy, high commission, consulates, etc.) of your host country nearest to your residence.

  • How do I pay my tuition?

    Participants register and pay tuition and student fees to Cape Breton University. Tuition must be paid to CBU prior to departure to your host institution (contact the CBU Finance Department for details). Please note that students having scholarships may use these monies to pay tuition fees to CBU. How do I register with the Canadian government before leaving Canada? If you are Canadian, you should register with the Canadian Government before travelling abroad.

    Register with the Canadian Government Now

  • What happens after I apply?

    If you are chosen as an eligible candidate, your name will be forwarded to the host university.  At this point acceptance is not guaranteed, and under the terms of the exchange program, host institutions have the right to accept or refuse any application on the basis both of academic suitability and/or the availability of space in the course of study selected.

    When accepted you will receive a letter from your host university. Any acceptance is conditional upon successful completion of the courses in which you are enrolled for the current academic year, and an overall average of 70% or better.

  • How do I know if I'm a good candidate for the exchange program?

    The Study Abroad Exchange Program is open to undergraduates entering (at a minimum) their second year of study, and carrying an overall average of 70% or better. Final selection is determined by such things as: suitability for study abroad, maturity, reasonableness of expectations, and the likelihood of being a good representative for Cape Breton University (CBU).

    Students are eligible to attend one of our partner universities for one semester or one full academic year and are expected to carry sufficient courses to maintain full-time status, as defined by your host institution.