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Ireland Anyone?

Julie Martin, a fourth year Bachelor of Arts student with a major in History was able to get a true sense of the phrase “It’s a small world after all.”

When Julie, a resident of Gardiner Mines, N.S., first walked through the doors of CBU four years ago, she never expected that she would later walk into her final year as a different person. But it happened. Shy in the beginning, but slowly found her groove, and eventually got involved with the CBU Art Gallery after one of their annual student shows. Now she volunteers at the gallery during the school year and works there during the summer months.

feature-student-julie-martinThis past year, Julie experienced the opportunity of a lifetime through an exchange program with CBU. Last August, Julie began her journey to Limerick, Ireland, where she spent eight months studying at the University of Limerick. Julie’s experience through the exchange program has allowed her to continue her studies at university while fulfilling her wish to travel all over Europe. She is also now a part of the global community as she has made friends from all over the world.

“The world became a lot smaller in my eyes because I was able to meet up with other CBU students across the Atlantic,” Julie says.”It’s amazing the connections you can really make!” Julie met up with other CBU exchange students who were studying in other parts of Europe and even spent her holidays in Zurich with a current Swiss CBU student.

Julie chose CBU as it allowed her to pursue her education while remaining close to home. However, walking through the doors at CBU for the first time four years ago, she never imagined that her path would take her across the Atlantic for her studies.  Although unexpected, Julie admits that CBU offers a “surprising amount of opportunities for such a small school.”

She encourages all students to get involved in what they can during their time at the university. Like most experiences, it’s all in what you make of it. “CBU is a great tight knit university with an open community,” says Julie. “It is easy to get involved so long as you put some effort in.”

After spending a year abroad, Julie admits that she now has the travel bug and wants to continue to travel and experience what the world has to offer. Once her degree is completed, she would like to continue her studies in a field relating to museum studies – after her adventures of course.


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