Summer Employment: Camp Counselor – Camp Rankin (6 positions)


Camp Rankin is a co-ed residential camp for 4-H members ages 9 to 15. Broken into five one-week camps (ie. three one-week camps ages 9 – 12 and two week-long camp ages 13 – 15), the camp week begins on Sunday afternoon and ends the following Friday morning. A staff of nine is employed for the total five weeks of camp. Each week, six counselors-in-training are brought in as unpaid volunteers to help the counselors and “learn the ropes”. Through camp we strive to uphold the 4-H values and traditions which encourage care and responsibility for our resources and teaches positive life skills to youth. Camp Rankin is located in Cape Breton just outside of St. Peter’s on the Bras d’Or Lakes.

There are six (6) counselor positions available in the following areas: Canoeing; Crafts; Drama; Nature and Outdoors; Recreation/Healthy Living and Exploring 4-H.

– The successful candidate will be at least 17 years of age and will have camping experience and/or a good
understanding of the 4-H program.
– Experience working with youth and peers.
– Demonstrates emotional maturity and enjoys the outdoors.
– Must be able to develop and conduct workshops related to one of the following: Canoeing; Drama; Nature; Crafts; Healthy Living; and Exploring 4-H.
– Responsible, friendly, enthusiastic, patient, and willing to learn.
– Up-to-date First-Aid/CPR training is a provided during pre-camp training for all counselors.
– **Lifeguard and formal canoeing training is required for the Canoeing Counselor.
– First-hand experience with the Camp Rankin program or experience as a Camp Counselor is an asset.
– Training takes place in Truro prior to camp start date as well as an onsite training at the camp facilities and is a requirement for all staff – 2019 dates to be determined.
– Successful candidates must be screened by 4-H Nova Scotia.



Under the supervision of the Camp Director, the Camp Counselor will:
– Follow all camp rules and set a good example for campers.
– Supervise a group of up to ten campers throughout the night in individual cabins and will work with this group during camp activities such as campfires, Reflection, and during camp chores.
– Each counselor will be responsible for preparing two to three workshops directly related to their job title which are suitable for campers aged 9 – 12 and 13 – 15, and for leading their session one to two times daily.
– Promote camper participation in ALL activities.
– Assist campers with housekeeping chores.
– Take turns with other counselors for various responsibilities.
– Counselors will be expected to participate in and supervise all group activities including hikes, dances, and various recreational activities.
– Exhibit personal habits, health, dress, speech, table etiquette and relationships with other staff that serve as a beneficial role model to campers.
– Set a good example in ALL you do at camp. Camp is a fun learning experience.
– Follow ALL guidelines, policies and procedures, and complete other duties as assigned.

Application Details

SALARY: $1,120.00 bi-weekly for a total of 6 weeks **Accommodation and meals are provided during training and throughout the duration of camp.

Location: Just outside of St. Peter’s, Cape Breton on the Bras D’or Lakes.

Apply with resume and cover letter (referencing the position) by March 15, 2019.
By email at; fax 902-843-3989; or in-person at 90 Research Drive, Suite 122, Bible Hill, NS B6L 2R2