RECENT OR POTENTIAL GRADS: Bilingual Environmental Health Officer


Travelling Public Program

The Travelling Public Program (TPP) protects the health of people travelling in Canada by overseeing the provision of safe food, potable water, and sanitation levels on passenger conveyances. The TPP completes public health inspections, assessments and outreach activities for passenger conveyances (airplanes, cruise ships, ferries, buses and trains) and ancillary services (flight kitchens, food caterers, supply depots and terminals). The TPP oversees water quality on conveyances through the Potable Water on Board Trains, Vessels, Aircraft and Buses Regulations. TPP also oversees food safety on conveyances and in ancillary service facilities through the Food and Drugs Act, on behalf of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Environmental Health Officers of the TPP work from seven locations (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton, Halifax, and St. John’s) across Canada. Staff work collaboratively with conveyance operators, deliver public health inspections, and provide training and outreach.

The TPP has an additional mandate under the Quarantine Act to oversee the environmental health conditions on board conveyances entering Canada including goods and cargo. Environmental Health Officers have the authority to issue orders under the Act to cause the remediation of any unsanitary conditions on board a conveyance that might introduce communicable disease into Canada.

Fluency in French required.


Ship Sanitation Inspections

As part of ensuring compliance with the International Health Regulations (IHR), TPP administers the Ship Sanitation Certificate Program which provides health inspection services and issues ship sanitation certificates to ship operators engaged in international voyages, upon request. The TPP’s Ship Sanitation Inspection program completes approximately 750 inspections per year on international cargo vessels and issues Ship Sanitation Exemption and Control Certificates pursuant to the IHRs. These inspections are completed on a fee-for-service, cost recovery basis and include:

  • Conveyances – portable water on conveyances, passenger trains, ferries, aircraft, motor coach and bus companies and cruise ships
  • Ancillary Services – audit and inspection for terminals, flight kitchens, food caterers, and supply depots

Application Details


Please forward your resume and cover letter via email to to apply.

Applicants from Bathurst or other francophone locations are encouraged to apply.

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The TPP is committed to serving conveyance operators and the public in a prompt, reliable, courteous and fair manner as detailed in the TPP’s Standards of Service to the Public.

The TPP responds to public health complaints and reports of illness related to conveyances and ancillary services, and works with industry, government and international partners to investigate where appropriate.

To request information or documents from the TPP or submit your concerns about the public health conditions on a conveyance, please contact the TPP at the following address: