RECENT OR POTENTIAL CBU GRADS: Venture for Canada’s Two Year Fellowship Program


Venture for Canada

Paid Fellowships for Entrepreneurial Graduates

Want to join a diverse community of entrepreneurial change-makers and get connected to work opportunities in high growth partner startups across Canada? Apply for Venture for Canada’s two year Fellowship Program!

At Venture for Canada (VFC), we are passionate about catalyzing young Canadians to have entrepreneurial careers. Venture for Canada Fellows receive access to a month long training camp, gain the opportunity to spend two years working in a Canadian startup where they receive competitive compensation, along with ongoing training and support from VFC staff and the broader VFC community over the duration of the fellowship.

If you are a post-secondary graduate looking to work and learn in the entrepreneurship space, including an interest in starting your own business some day, the VFC Fellowship will help you gain critical skills and provide access to a supportive entrepreneurial community of grads, VFC staff, startup leaders and other key players in Canada’s entrepreneurial community.

For more details on the Fellowship program read on:

Training Camp

Immediately upon acceptance into the VFC Fellowship program, you’ll be booked to attend VFC’s intensive four week training camp which includes weekends, preparing you for life working in a growing Canadian startup. Training Camp is mandatory and takes place at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, from mid May – mid June. The facilitation team at Training Camp includes Queen’s Smith School of Business Faculty, VFC senior team members, Founders and other Startup leaders, and VFC Fellowship alumni and more.

Think of Training Camp as a bridge between life at college or university and the startup world. You’ll not only learn the key skills, behaviours and attributes needed to succeed in a startup career, you’ll also get practical tips and hands-on practice in honing your resumes, cover letters and interview skills to go the the front of the line when applying for startup jobs, but also to get coveted offers from some of Canada’s fastest growing startup businesses.

Along with getting teamed up for a startup business case competition, and the opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of Canadian startup experts, you’ll also get practical skills development in startup strategy, sales, customer support and much more. And that’s just on weekdays, Training Camp also provides ample community building opportunities to hone your networking skills with at least 85 other Fellows and to select from a wide range of social activities over the four weeks in Kingston, things like paddling the Kingston waterfront, or talent night at the Queen’s Grad Club.

Getting Hired by a Canadian startup

Venture for Canada was founded five years ago, on the belief that the best way for Canada to strengthen and grow its startup sector, is by getting more highly motivated grads to consider startup careers. So, the most important component of the VFC Fellowship is providing access to real jobs with growing Canadian startups. Venture for Canada partner startups range in size from 5 – 100 employees and provide products and services in sectors ranging from cleantech, to fintech to foodtech, and more. This means, that as a VFC Fellow, you’ll be provided with a range of job postings and business sectors to choose from.


Along with practical, much sought after, job skills training and two year job placements with Canadian startups, one of the other key values you’ll receive from the VFC Fellowship is an ever growing community of like minded grads, VFC staff, startup founders and team members and other key players in Canada’s startup/entrepreneurial ecosystem. As you begin and grow your startup career, the VFC community can be leveraged for everything from career advice, to mentoring, building a team for competitions, finding a good roommate, and so much more. You can check out some of our Fellow Profiles by visiting our blog on Medium.



The Ideal VFC Fellow 2019:

One of the strengths of the VFC fellowship is the significant diversity of our Fellows. Since our founding five years ago, we’ve learned that success in our program is more about your character than what you studied. So you can apply, whether you are or will be a grad from either college or university, so long as you meet the following key requirements:


  • Graduate(d) between Fall 2017 and Spring 2019
  • Hold a post-secondary degree or diploma
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Available and ready to begin full time employment as of June 2019
  • Available to attend 4 week Training Camp mid-May to mid-June.

Application Details

Application Process

  • STEP 1: Online Application: A series of 3 short application forms. The first step is our Fellowship Interest Form. If eligible, you will progress to the Stage 1 Form. If successful, you will progress to the Stage 2 Form.
  • STEP 2: Phone Interview: Most applicants who successfully complete the online application process, will be invited to a phone interview with a VFC Staff or Alumni, before being scheduled for Step 3, the third and most intense step in the VFC Fellowship application process. Together we will assess if you are the right fit for VFC and if VFC is the right fit for you.
  • STEP 3: Fellow Selection Day: More than 850 people completed online applications for the VFC Fellowship in 2018. VFC offered 90 fellowship opportunities. So, if you get selected for a VFC FSD day, the final step before fellowship offers are made, you have already proven you’re a great grad. But, don’t rest on your laurels, FS Days are intense, full day selection events, where you’ll be challenged, through a series of interviews, solo and group activities, to prove you deserve one of the much sought after 2019 fellowship spots. We are looking for candidates who are motivated by this challenge. See how to apply today!


How to Apply