RECENT OR POTENTIAL CBU GRADS – English Course Tutor (2 positions available)


About us

  • XeNatiFuture is a Montreal based NGO, financed by the federal as well as provincial government, and dedicated in helping youths to gain professional experiences. By developing innovative methods, we support young people to experience the activities in favor of promoting the culture and the official languages of Canada towards the overseas.
  • We are searching 2 English course tutors to work for several months in China for an innovative internship program (Potential to be hired continuing at the end of that period). The tutors will be in charge of leading small groups of learners by participating indoor, outside or online activities that focus on English conversation skills and on sharing the Canadian culture.
  • Working under supervision, not only in traditional ways but would also the course tutors have opportunity to create, experiment or carry out English teaching, intercultural sharing and understanding in innovative ways, such as travel, music, humor as well as so many whatever else try.

-English native speaker or as first language, (functional French or Chinese notion is an asset);
-Willing to pass the internship in China;
-Energetic, outgoing, active and dynamic personality;
-Flexibility to meet changing work needs and demands by having a flexible “I can do” attitude and flexible approach to working;
-Good communicative competence, patience, adaptive capacity, organizational skills and strong sense of responsibility as well as pressure resistance;
-Experience in similar position including volunteer experience or international travel experience is an asset.

Working conditions, Salary and Benefits:

  • About a couple of weeks to 1 month for a preparatory stage in Canada,
  • Possible working at home: Then, the following about a half-year in China accompanied by a supervisor:


-participate in planning and organizing activities;
-host indoor, outdoor and online activities, guiding, instructing students during activities;
-offer course in different ways (initiative, creative, innovative, experimental or traditional);
-be in charge of encouraging learners to participate in oral communication;
-help student establish learners’ self-regulated learning ability and independent thinking capacity;
-promote Canadian culture and other interesting aspects, motivating students to be bilingualism or trilingual;
-participating in evening and weekend cultural or language learning activities;
-assist in recruiting students;
-other asked related tasks.
Job requirements and skills:
The positions are in the cadre of Canada government’s Young Canada Works program. So for applying the job, following conditions must be met
– Canadian citizen or a permanent resident;
– between 18 and 30 years of age;
– willing to work in another country;
– willing to commit to the full duration of the work assignment;
– no another full-time job while employed;
– unemployed or underemployed college or university graduate graduating from college or university within the last 24 months at the start of employment;
– not receiving EI while employed with us;
– not previously participant or being paid under this or any other Career Focus internship program funded under the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment

Application Details

*Wage: 12 $/hr + performance bonus;
*Duration: about 6-7 months totally (Potential to be hired continuing after the internship);
*Expected start & end dates: 2017-late May/early June-2018-early January.

To those who desire to apply for this position, please send your résumé, and all other supporting documents before 2017-05-25, to
Then the selected candidates would go through a distance interview online.