Protocase – Subject Matter Expert (SME)/Trainer


Protocase is seeking a motivated student in a Human Resources cooperative program for a four-month term. This is an excellent opportunity for an ambitious student to gain valuable experience working with our team of engineers, software developers, and other team members in a dynamic, fast-paced manufacturing environment.


Protocase manufactures custom electronic enclosures and sheet metal components for scientists, engineers and innovators all over the world. To meet the needs of this group, Protocase created an ‘ultra-lean’ manufacturing management system that allows us to build custom sheet metal jobs in 2-3 days, with no minimum orders. Our customers now total more than 10,000 worldwide, and include Boeing, NASA, IBM, Lockheed Martin, and SpaceX, among others.

45 Drives makes Storinators, ultra-large servers that can store massive amounts of data, with read/write speeds in excess of 3GB/s. Customers around the world use Storinators for a variety of applications:

  • Video production, streaming and visual effects
  • R&D, Engineering & Life Sciences
  • Government
  • Surveillance & Law Enforcement


Reporting to the Training & Development Specialist, the Subject Matter Expert(SME)/Trainer co-op student supports training initiatives by training, role-modeling, record-keeping, auditing, providing station-level, process-level and company-level subject matter expertise, supporting and monitoring station trainers, supporting and monitoring trainees, identifying opportunities for training (remedial and/or incremental), identifying opportunities for procedural revision, and the subsequent training-level specific duties:

Tasks include:

  • Providing trainee with tour of facility
    • Fire escapes
    • Muster points
    • Fire extinguishers
    • 1st aid kits
    • Eye wash
    • Safety Data Sheets
  • Facilitating learning of individual skills associated with the station (IE BOSS, POD, WPO, etc.)
  • Introducing trainee to station trainer
  • Reviewing station procedures with trainee
  • Completing minimum of 1 Trainer and Trainee audit
  • Spending time daily assessing, mentoring and coaching trainee to assess their progress acquiring proficiency
    • Providing correction, feedback and praise
  • Formally auditing the trainee toward the end of each block to determine if they have actually acquired the skills associated with the station procedures
  • Informing training manager when trainee can be audited to graduate to next level
  • Reviewing Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) with trainee; delivering remedial training
  • Providing remedial training record to T&D Specialist
  • Administering station test to trainee
  • Discussing with training Manager and the station trainer the possibility of sign off
  • Signing off on training record

Application Details

Please email Megan Ringer with cover letter and resume

Applications to be received by 9am on May 11th