Co-op: Project Leader: Corporate Records Management, Seaview Manor


• Familiarity with Microsoft Office, especially Word and PowerPoint, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013.
• Strategic and critical thinker with personal drive to achieve excellence and an ability to identify and provide timely resolutions to problems using available resources and compliance with organizational guidelines.
• Strong analytical, research, judgment, and problem-solving skills; takes personal initiative to apply these skills independently/with minimal direction.
• Willingness to take ownership of processes and driving ideas from concept through completion and meet defined timelines facilitated by strong organizational skills and ability to set priorities.
• Willingness to gain experience with interviewing subject matter experts to identify and close content gaps.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Excellent developmental editing skills.
• Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor.
• Adheres to all organizational policies and demonstrate regular consistent attendance and punctuality requirements.


Development and revision of knowledge assets:
• Researches and develops a corporate structure for creation, publication, and management of corporate policy and procedures
• Manages the workflow and takes the primary lead for completion of work to revamp current departmentally structured policy and procedures into a corporate structure
• Researches and authors a corporate records retention policy
• Upload the new structure and supporting policies to the organizations intranet for access by all staff
• Manages development workflow from identification through publication, as well as revision policies and procedures, including review processes that protect the accuracy and integrity of knowledge assets.
• Understands, identifies, and gathers needed data; works with subject matter experts to create knowledge assets.
• Applies consistent editorial, style, and structural standards and templates; ensures knowledge assets are appropriately edited and formatted to promote usability.

Builds relationships with key members of the Leadership Team.
• Establishes professional relationships with all stakeholders associated with the project.
• Works to build consensus and effectively manages conflict
• Assists the CEO to revamp the Information Management Committee to reflect a broader corporate knowledge asset management mandate and reflect member responsibilities
• Attends the Leadership Team Meetings to provide project updates

Works with CEO to coordinate staff resources for knowledge development initiatives. Implementation of governance and reporting practices
• Consistent with a new corporate structure, manages cataloguing, tagging, and archiving policies and practices to support effective searching.
• Assumes the lead for evaluating Surge Learning Policy and Procedure Module to assess its functionality especially in relation to: managed vocabularies, taxonomies, file-naming conventions, workflow from creation to publication, versioning tracking, etc.
• Identifies and Tracks key metrics, project timelines and schedules, and user requests and questions; creates dashboards and reports
• Monitors usage and periodically surveys users to gauge usefulness of knowledge repository and overall experience. Analyzes results and proposes improvements.

Serves as primary point of contact for support requests.
• Provides training and feedback to subject matter experts and other authors to maximize the value and quality of knowledge assets.
• Provides training (in-person sessions, guide documents) to users on how to find and use knowledge assets. Communication about knowledge assets
• Work with CEO to develop and implement communication plans designed to generate awareness of knowledge repository and share updated metrics, programmatic changes, and other intelligence.

Application Details

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: Seaview Manor, Glace Bay

Language: English Essential

Salary: $15.00 per hour

This position is a CO-OP position for students enrolled in the BBA Co-op program. Please contact if you are interested in applying for the co-op program and/or this position.