Co-op: Inclusion Facilitator (STEAM)


Position Summary:
The main objective of the job is to enhance the STEAM experience of camp or public program attendees/visitors for individuals with intellectual and developmental needs. Work as part of the science education team to develop public programming and as part of the camp counsellor team to co-develop and deliver hands-on science activities for camp participants (ages 6 -12) of varied abilities. Maintain respect and confidentiality while considering the needs of the exceptional learners as necessary. Establish a welcoming environment where all attendees/visitors can grow their interest in sciences.

The student will benefit from the opportunity of working in a challenging and dynamic science centre, providing significant opportunity to improve upon their communication skills, organizational skills, knowledge of science, knowledge of educational practices, and ability to work with children.

Discovery Centre’s mandate is advanced through the presentation of high-quality science based educational programs for youth. The quality of these programs directly relate to the skills and energy of the summer student.


  • Enrolled in school of a related discipline at a college or university level.
  • Experience in child supervision, preferably in an educational, recreational, museum or camp setting.
  • Experience facilitating inclusion in a previous setting.
  • Fluency in English is essential.
  • Discovery Centre is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Applicants must qualify for the Nova Scotia co-op program.


The Inclusion Facilitator works in the Science Education department under the supervision of the Manager of Science Education and Programming.
The primary tasks are:
1) develop and deliver meaningful science education and recreation experiences appropriate for children with disabilities
2) supervise while taking responsibility for safety and enjoyment
3) maintain a clean and safe work area
4) support inclusion in the summer camp and public program activities (provide 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3 ratios based on individual needs)
5) knowledge and physical ability to provide a wide range of care; including restroom support
6) prepare and present reports on activities

Measurable Outcomes:
The Inclusion Facilitator will:
• Successfully provide support for co-workers in camps and public programming activities.
• Provide direction and training for staff members on the special needs of individuals participating in the programs.
• Interact with parents in a friendly and professional manner.
• Provide a safe and positive experience.
• Organize and maintain program/activity records.
• Complete an end-of-work-term report on activities and make recommendations for future inclusion activities.

The student will understand and take ownership of outcomes through a combination of training, self-directed study, and ongoing support from supervisor, education staff team and co-workers. Through regular communication with their supervisor incremental objectives will be set to ensure progress. One mid-term performance evaluation will be conducted, and the successful completion of outcomes will be addressed in this meeting and in a final performance evaluation. At the end of the work term, the Manager of Science Education and Programming will provide the student with an overall assessment of their performance.

Application Details

Inclusion Facilitator (STEAM) (Co-op Position)
Department: Discovery Centre Science Education
Supervisor: Manager, Science Education and Programming
Position Category: Full Time
Starting Salary: $15.00/Hour
Working Hours: 35 hours per week (Flexibly Applied)

This is a Co-op position. Please contact Student Placement Officer, Peggy Gordon ( or Megan Ringer (, for details. Your resume and cover letter plus references needs to be combined into one document and be either a PDF or WORD format for consideration.