Co-op: Communication Lab Peer Facilitator


A Communication Lab Peer Facilitator has:
• positive interpersonal communication skills
• positive public communication skills
• group leadership and mediating skills
• the ability to build trust and credibility
• strong organizational skills
• good time management skills
• the ability to meet deadlines
• the ability and desire to assess students fairly
• an understanding of the small group dynamic
• good conflict management skills
• awareness and aptitude for social media platforms

A Communication Lab Peer Facilitator:
• is open to new ideas and concepts from students, colleagues and faculty
• has a strong interest in the discipline of Communication
• is able to respond to students’ learning needs
• is non-judgmental
• is patient
• is adaptable, flexible, reliable, and responsible
• is empathetic
• presents a professional appearance and demeanor
• possesses a good sense of humour
• possesses a positive attitude
• respects the principals of professionalism
• respects for supervision
• innovative, creative, motivated, and self-directed



  • This position involves facilitating regularly scheduled hour-long communication labs consisting of five to seven students enrolled in COMM 1103 and 1105.
  • The facilitator works from a prepared lesson plan in order to assist students as they develop their cognitive, effective, and behavioural communication skills.
  • The peer facilitator will distribute two journals to students throughout each term and are responsible for assessing, responding to, and keeping records of these assignments.
  • The facilitator will keep weekly logs.
  • The peer facilitator is also responsible for creating and maintaining student files throughout the semester. A written assessment of each student’s progress will be completed and submitted at the end of each course.
  • The co-op student will also assist with researching readings and implementing new technologies to strengthen online course delivery.
  • The Lab Assistant will also be responsible for maintaining equipment, researching experiential learning activities and video clips for use in the 1103, 1105, and 2175 labs, and general administrative responsibilities (including preparing for the upcoming Winter semester).
  • The Lab Assistant will be tasked with developing accompanying videos for each week of the lab corresponding to the lesson plans.
  • The Lab Assistant will also be responsible for managing social media accounts and promoting the Communication Lab (the first lab of its kind and the longest running lab in North America) and the Communication discipline and will help recruit students to enroll in COMM3131 and COMM3931 as well as other upper-level COMM courses.
  • The Lab Assistant will be responsible for recording presentations in COMM1105 and reviewing presentations with the students.
  • Additional duties as required.

Application Details

This is a Co-op Position with Cape Breton University. For more information on this option in your degree, please contact Student Placement Officer – Peggy Gordon.

Summer Co-op Work Term
Dates – April 29th 2019 – August 16th, 2019
Hours – 35 hours per week, Mon-Fri daytime.
Pay – $15 per hour

Please submit your resume and letter of interest by Friday, April 5th at 4pm to