CO-OP/ALL CBU STUDENTS – Marketing Plan Developer, The Elizabeth Fry Society


The Elizabeth Fry Society is hiring:

  • Marketing Plan Developer (Summer Student)– 11 Weeks/35 hours a week

The Elizabeth Fry Society Marketing Plan Developer will be in charge of writing a marketing plan for the society. The individual must be a university/community college student who has taken marketing courses and/or an individual who has an equivalent amount of work experience. Additionally, the individual must have an understanding of the values that the Elizabeth Fry Society is founded upon.

Read more about the Elizabeth Fry Society by clicking here.

Start date is June 4th.


Securing summer employment with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton will provide a business student to gain marketing experience and research experience for the non-profit organization. Additionally, the individual will gain knowledge of the community organization, the justice system, problem solving techniques and the importance of remaining non-judgmental and adhering to the social workers code of ethics.


Application Details

Email All Resumes to: Anne O’Neill Manager of Operations
Phone with Questions: (902) 539-6165
All Resumes must be submitted by: May 28th, 2018 at 4pm

If you are interested in learning about turning this position into a co-op course to earn 3 elective credits, contact