CBU Work Study Bursary – Research Asst. Songs of Steel Project – Job Number 2015F001


Job/Project Description:

Research Assistant for the Cape Breton Island Songs of Steel, Coal and Protest Project reporting to Dr. Richard MacKinnon

Research involved in the project includes: searching for song lyrics in historical newspapers, recording song texts and music, conducting digitally recorded interviews and using primary archival resources such as photographs, newspapers and already-recorded songs and interviews. The facilities of the Centre for Cape Breton Studies Digitization Lab and Rotary Music Performance Room are extensively used for this project.


Tasks:  The student will be a research assistant to Dr. MacKinnon to help complete the Cape Breton Island Songs of Steel, Coal and Protest audio cd and web site project. The tasks include conducting primary research in the archives, writing draft biographies about some composers and musicians, and aiding in the gathering and posting of text, photos and songs for the web site.


The student research assistant will help to gather new information on some of the historical composers of already collected songs.  This will include working in the Beaton Institute archives examining historical newspapers and also making use of the extensive audio and photo collections of the Beaton Institute archives to find any available  textual or visual materials on some composers.

The student will write short, draft biographies of some early composers.

The student will also help gather photographs and short biographies of the contemporary musicians who have already been recorded for the project to date.

The student will assist Dr. MacKinnon and technician Christopher Jones when doing some audio recordings of songs of steel, coal and protest.

The student will assist in the development of a web site for the project. There is currently a Volume 1 of the web site that was developed in WordPress: www.protestsongs.ca. The student will aid in the development of Volume 2: Songs of Steel, Coal and Protest.

Application Details

Start Date:  Mid-September

End Date:  Mid-April

Hours:  All positions are part time, hours TBD

Only eligible students can apply to a CBU Work Study Bursary position.  If eligible send resume, cover letter and an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program to:  awards@cbu.ca     Submissions that do not include an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program will not be considered.  All applications must also reference the above Job Number.

To determine eligibility and to complete an application go to:  http://www.cbu.ca/come-to-cbu/tuition-finances/scholarships-bursaries/applications/

Deadline to apply is September 11, 2015.