CBU WORK STUDY: Communication Assistant, 2019 W005


CBU Psychology faculty are asked to participate in recruitment and promotional activities, often on short notice.  We require a selection of materials that will attract students to CBU and provide information about the department, its faculty and researchers, opportunities for participation, and information on prospective careers and for prospective employers. In addition, as one of the largest-enrolled programs at CBU, we must focus on retention and offering students high quality experiences and timely information, especially in the form of online resources.


  • upper year Psychology student would be preferred, but not necessary
  • familiarity with research would be an asset
  • good writing skills are a must
  • experience with creating Infographics, writing for blogs, and/or Printed Promotional material would be an asset



  • expect 15 hours/week working on tasks
  • consultation with faculty and students

Potential tasks:

  1. Facilitate “Psych Ambassadors” program
  2. Feature our graduates in a section called “My Career Path” showing how CBU coursework facilitated career progress.
  3. Develop a system to collect information on our graduates and what they are doing now
  4. Develop posters (infographic) describing individual faculty member research interests
  5. Develop content for the department website
  6. Develop a course guide for students

Application Details

Hours:  All positions are part-time, hours TBD

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Time Management/Organizational Skills
  2. Technical Skills (media and data management)
  3. Professionalism and Leadership Development
    • learn best practices to further develop their problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, and leadership skills.
  4. Conceptualizing research
  5. Develop writing skills
  6. Learning to convey information visually

Only eligible students can apply to a CBU Work Study Bursary position.  To determine eligibility and to complete an application, go to:  


If eligible, send resume, cover letter and an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program to:  awards@cbu.ca Submissions that do not include an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program will not be considered.  All applications must also reference the above Job Number.

Forward resume and cover letter to:  awards@cbu.ca