CBU Work Study Bursary Program – Market Assessment and Technology Transfer Intern – 2017F020


Job Title: Market Assessment and Technology Transfer Intern

Department: Office of Research & Graduate Studies

Supervisor: Sarah Conrod

Job Description:

The student will work with the Manager – Industry Partnerships and Research Commercialization to promote and cultivate collaborative research (CR) and commercialization opportunities for faculty and students. The student will work with the supervisor to perform market assessments for technologies that have been disclosed to the office by faculty and help assess the potential for intellectual property protection (IP), assist with editing funding applications and reports that have been submitted for completed projects. The student will also be asked to develop faculty and collaboration profiles which will be used to promote expertise and collaborative opportunities with partners outside of CBU. During the Work Study the student will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of research areas as well as develop valuable skills in the areas of technology transfer, a profession that has opportunities in most post-secondary institutions, throughout government departments and that relates to many jobs in the private sector.


  • 4th year or MBA student preferred.
  • Student should have a level of comfort with conducting independent research, as many of the projects
    we will work on are science based, the student should be interested in scientific subjects.
  • Excellent writing skills, the ability for critical thinking, being confident in independent tasks and demonstrated communication skills are required for this position.



  • work with the supervisor to develop profiles of faculty that are interested in external research collaborations to help
    articulate their research expertise,
  • work with the supervisor to create stories about past and ongoing collaborations,
  • assist the supervisor in conducting market research on discoveries that are disclosed to the ORGS by CBU faculty,
  • develop a bank of potential social media posts for ORGS staff which will be used by the office social media expert to
    promote funding opportunities and to share exciting research and commercialization successes,
  • assist faculty by helping them with template agreements, applications and reports for research funding,
  • other related duties as required.
  • To accomplish the duties above the student will be provided with training and resources that will be of benefit to him/her as they work
    with the supervisor and faculty member during the placement.

Application Details

Start Date: January 2018

End Date: April 2018

Hours: All positions are part-time, hours TBD

Only eligible students can apply to a CBU Work Study Bursary position. If eligible send resume, cover letter and an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program to: awards@cbu.ca Submissions that do not include an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program will not be considered. All applications must also reference the above Job Number.

To determine eligibility and to complete an application go to: http://www.cbu.ca/come-to-cbu/tuition-finances/scholarships-bursaries/work-study-bursary-program/