CBU WORK STUDY Bursary Program: Marine Facilities Technician, 2019 W004


The Department of Biology has a large temperature-controlled recirculating seawater system located in the Marine Operations Centre (C-103), consisting of three large fibreglass tanks and a seawater table housing several 10-gallon glass aquaria, with the capacity to be scaled up to a larger volume when needed. This system contains local marine invertebrate species (sponges, anemones, crabs, snails, barnacles, mussels, sea stars, sea urchins, tunicates etc.) and over the past year has been used in various courses taught in the Biology department, including Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology, Marine Ecology, and Animal Behaviour.

The Marine Facilities Technician will learn how to monitor and maintain the seawater system and its associated live organisms, and will be given the appropriate training in the Canadian Council on Animal Care procedures prior to undertaking the position. Once trained, the technician will monitor the daily operation of the system (Monday – Friday), including checking and recording seawater parameters (temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and nitrates) weekly (and adjusting as necessary), feeding the marine organisms (phytoplankton mix, plankton, fish pellets, and squid), and introducing the organisms to students/staff/faculty visiting the marine tanks. The technician will also be responsible for working with Dr. Rawlings and Dr. Hatcher to replenish the tanks with new specimens periodically. The technician will also oversee the smaller marine display tank (A-118C), which includes marine invertebrates and a limited number of fish.
Workplace: Marine Operations Centre – C-103; desk space will be provided.


  • Preferably a BSc Biology major, with good practical skills and excellent communication skills
  • Must have an interest in marine organisms and marine environments
  • Ideally will have taken Invertebrate Zoology (BIOL2411) and Introduction to Vertebrates (BIOL2411).
  • Animal care experience and basic lab safety training will be an asset, but training will also be provided
  • Past experience maintaining freshwater or saltwater aquaria will be considered an asset


  • Check the seawater system daily to ensure that it is functioning properly, with no leaks/blockages
  • Check seawater parameters weekly and keep detailed notes; adjust conditions when necessary
  • Feed organisms every 2 – 3 days; monitor health of animals; clean tanks and filters when necessary
  • Develop educational materials for use in classes and outreach activities associated with marine specimens
  • Assist in the replenishment of seawater and collection of live organisms for the tanks when necessary

Application Details

Hours:  All positions are part-time, hours TBD

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