CBU WORK STUDY BURSARY PROGRAM – Data Entry Tech & Archival Reference Desk Assistant – 2016F005


Job/Project Description: Data Entry Technician and Archival Reference Desk Assistant

Throughout the fall and winter months, the Beaton Institute provides services and support to a wide range of researchers. In addition to students and faculty, the archive supports a number of community projects as well as the CBVRSB Heritage Fair Program. There are also a number of ongoing faculty projects happening during these months which can require scanning and data entry for increased access to research materials. A student would be able to assist with reference services for all researchers, and also complete data entry to add content our new digital archives: http://beatoninstitute.com .

This is an extremely valuable opportunity for students to gain experience sourcing and using primary research materials as well as gain insight into relevant resources for their own course work. Previous students who have worked at the archive have proceeded to pursue graduate studies with an excellent knowledge base for conducting archival research. The Beaton Institute has helped CBU students become successful both in their undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

Providing online access to resources provides faculty with an efficient means for incorporating content into their course work. The students will help to contribute to increasing faculty and student engagement with archival resources as well as assist with commercial projects. The commercial projects generally involve reproduction of content for Publication, Broadcast or Exhibition. The fee for service projects contribute to the overall financial goals of CBU as well as help the archive to become more sustainable through a support revenue stream.


  • Student with some basic research experience
  • Student with excellent writing ability and organizational skills
  • Student with demonstrated computer skills such as navigating spreadsheets, data entry and word processing
  • Student must be detail oriented and comfortable completing repetitive tasks.



  • Support researchers at the Beaton Institute – provide instruction on archival research and retrieve materials requested
  • Scan content for upload to the Beaton Institute Digital Archives: http://beatoninstitute.com
  • Provide archival descriptions for content placed on the digital archives
  • Re-house archival materials as needed
  • Support social media program at the Beaton Institute for content placed on Facebook and Twitter

Application Details

Start Date:  September 19

End Date:  April 2017

Hours:  All positions are part-time, hours TBD

Only eligible students can apply to a CBU Work Study Bursary position.  If eligible send resume, cover letter and an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program to:  awards@cbu.ca     Submissions that do not include an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program will not be considered.  All applications must also reference the above Job Number.

To determine eligibility and to complete an application go to: http://www.cbu.ca/come-to-cbu/tuition-finances/scholarships-bursaries/work-study-bursary-program/