CBU Work Study Bursary Program – BURRRC Intern – Job Number 2015F019


Job/Project Description: BURRRC Intern

Tasks: The Intern will be assigned tasks that will assist with the development of initiatives brought forward by the Biology Undergraduate Recruitment, Retention, and Research Committee (BURRRC).


-to help develop and coordinate the STAR Program

-to help coordinate a monthly Brief Communications in Biology Seminar for students and faculty

-to help develop social media content for the Biology Department

-to help coordinate local outings for students and faculty (3 times per semester)

-to develop an outreach program for first year students to help them achieve academic success and social networks within their program


Student Qualifications:

Upper year Biology students are encouraged to apply. They must be able to work independently as well as work within a larger group. They should be engaging individuals who are passionate about Biology and CBU. They should have knowledge of the Biology degree program and the services offered at CBU to help students achieve academic success.

Application Details

Start Date:  Mid-September

End Date:  Mid-December

Hours:  All positions are part time, hours TBD

Only eligible students can apply to a CBU Work Study Bursary position.  If eligible send resume, cover letter and an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program to:  awards@cbu.ca     Submissions that do not include an application to the CBU Work Study Bursary Program will not be considered.  All applications must also reference the above Job Number.

To determine eligibility and to complete an application go to:  http://www.cbu.ca/come-to-cbu/tuition-finances/scholarships-bursaries/applications/

Deadline to apply is September 11, 2015.