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Venture for Canada — Paid Fellowships for Entrepreneurial Graduates 

Want to launch your career in a startup? Are you looking for flexibility, autonomy, and the opportunity to learn quickly? Interested in beginning your career alongside a supportive cohort of entrepreneurial peers? Venture for Canada might be the right fit for you.

At Venture for Canada, we are passionate about catalyzing young Canadians to have entrepreneurial careers. ​Venture for Canada Fellows receive access to a month long training

camp, gain the opportunity to spend two years working in a Canadian startup where they receive competitive compensation, and obtain ongoing training and support over the duration of the fellowship. Through the program, Venture for Canada Fellows gain the skills, network and experience necessary to launch their own startups and/or lead entrepreneurial careers.

Venture for Canada is much more than a job placement program. We provide you access to a diverse community of mentors, peers, and friends who support you in the transition from school to work. After training camp, many Fellows choose to live with one another, and our Fellow alumni remain very connected after the fellowship ends. If you are passionate about community building and collaborating with mission-driven peers, we recommend you checking out Venture for Canada.

Intimidated to apply because you can’t code? Don’t be. Fellows are incredibly diverse and hold roles in fields as diverse as marketing, customer success, operations, business analysis, product design, and engineering. Regardless of your academic background or interests, Venture for Canada can support you in launching your career. We care far more about your character than what you studied.

Below are more details on the Venture Canada program components:

  • Start Date: May 15, 2018
  • Position Type: Full-Time 

What do we look for? 

● We recruit recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds — with current Fellows including mechanical engineers, biology majors, arts majors, business majors, and international development majors.

● We are looking for individuals that have authenticity, humility, integrity, grit, ambition, balance, and curiosity.


Training Camp 

Venture for Canada Fellows spend four weeks going through an intensive training camp, which takes place at Queen’s University during May/June. They participate in 40+ different workshops, which develop skills in topics such as coding, emotional intelligence, sales, public speaker, product management, and marketing strategy. Fellows also receive the fantastic opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs and learn what it takes to create a successful business.

Training camp eases this transition from school to work by providing a supportive environment full of valuable workshops, peer support and mentorship which fosters the development of both hard and soft skills. Venture for Canada Fellows spend four weeks living in dorms at Queen’s, where they build bonds that will last a lifetime.

Placement at a Startup 

As a Fellow you have the opportunity to be connected with one of Venture for Canada’s 400 partner startups, which are in sectors varying from cleantech to software to agriculture. In addition, partner employers vary in size from five employees to over one hundred. Through this breadth of options, we enable recent graduates to find the employer that is the right fit for them.

We connect Fellows to interview at partner startups through collecting Fellow preferences concerning industry, region, job type, and company size.

Ongoing Trainings 

After training camp, the Fellows continue to learn and develop, both on the job and through ongoing training opportunities provided by Venture for Canada.

Some of our special guests have included Ryan Holmes (CEO of Hootsuite), April Dunford (CEO of Sprintly), and John Risley (Founder of Clearwater Fine Foods). The topics of our ongoing trainings range from resilience in the workplace, to search engine optimization, to full-stack marketing.

Fellow Community 

Joining Venture for Canada is much more than just getting placed to work at a startup. Fellows are part of a supportive community who are passionate about entrepreneurship. This community can support you through entrepreneurial ups and downs over the course of your career.

Application Details


● Candidates should plan to have their most recent university or college degree completed by June 2018.

How to Apply 

● Applications are now open! Apply by visiting ​www.VentureForCanada.ca.

● The application deadline is ​February 28th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST

● If you have any questions, please email admissions@ventureforcanada.ca.