CBU RECENT OR POTENTIAL GRADS – Science and Communications Coordinator, Gulf Nova Scotia Fleet Planning Board



The Science and Communications Coordinator with the Gulf Nova Scotia Fleet Planning Board (GNSFPB) will adhere to the mandate of the Board and serve the interests of the membership. Specifically, the Science and Communications Coordinator will carry out various tasks related to annual scientific sampling that is carried out by the Board and be available to the group, managing internal communication and events.


The Science and Communications Coordinator should have a bachelor degree in the sciences, or a related discipline, with a focus on fisheries or marine issues. Experience with the fisheries in the Gulf of St. Lawrence would be an asset.



  • Communicate with the managing director regularly to get direction on tasks.
  • Coordinate annual scientific sampling for the GNSFPB, which includes (but is not limited to) coordinating with the Board and with DFO Science, obtaining scientific permits, applying for summer students, supervising students, designing scientific protocol (with collaboration from DFO and the Fleet Planning Board), arranging schedules for sampling days, contacting participating harvesters (when needed), assisting with sampling (when needed), collecting data sheets, entering data, analysing data, and producing scientific reports for the Fleet Planning Board.
  • Communicate with summer students on a daily basis, acting as their supervisor.
  • Act as a communication person for the GNSFPB. This involves working from a satellite office and being available to be contacted by phone or email throughout regular business hours. The Science and Communications Coordinator must forward information to the managing director and other Board members when necessary and report on communications regularly.
  • Attend relevant meetings and conferences on behalf of the GNSFPB. This will include recording minutes/taking notes at meetings, producing summaries of meetings for the membership, participating at the meetings and conferences, and sitting on working groups as needed.
  • Attend the GNSFPB meetings and performs tasks such as keeping minutes and giving presentations on the work the Science and Communications Coordinator has completed.
  • Organize meetings and events on behalf of the GNSFPB (when needed).
  • Maintain the website for the GNSFPB, putting up new information and editing as needed.
  • The Science and Communications Coordinator will have access to a laptop and a phone to carry out their tasks.
  • The Science and Communications Coordinator must sign an employment contract with the GNSFPB.

Application Details

Start Date: April 2, 2018 (full-time)

Please send cover letters and resumes to Leonard LeBlanc, Managing Director: leonard.leblanc2@ns.sympatico.ca

Application deadline: March 15, 2018