CBU CO-OP STUDENTS ONLY – Software Engineer, QRA Corp – Halifax



  • Two or more years of post-secondaryeducation
  • A major or minor in one or more of computer science, physics, mathematics, or

Technical skills
Depending on the product you may use one of the two software stacks:

QVtrace: Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Linux (Ubuntu)
QVscribe: C#, Java, Windows

We are particularly interested in people who have experience in the following tools,
technologies, and concepts:

  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • Agile PM (SCRUM, Jira)
  • Algorithm and data structuresdevelopment
  • Parsing and text processing
  • High performance computing
  • Natural language processing
  • Compilers
  • Engineering and the engineeringlifecycle
  • Quality Assurance


  • Write code to implement features in QRA’sproducts
  • Debug and fix issues with QRA’s products
  • Research and write experimental code to evaluate libraries and technologies
  • Write code-, feature-, and architecture-level documentation

Application Details

QRA (http://qracorp.com) is a small, elite team of developers, engineers, mathematicians, and physicists. We are one of only a handful of organizations worldwide with access to a working quantum computer. We work on the cutting-edge of natural language processing, high performance computing, algorithms, and machine learning. QRA ruthlessly recruits the best people; we work hard to ensure no one in the world is better at what we do. We are seeking motivated, ambitious individuals to round out our team and to be a part of our movement to change how large-scale systems engineering is done.

We develop software to help with the creation of safety and mission critical systems at multiple points in the engineering lifecycle. Our QVscribe platform helps engineers at the requirements generation phase by helping them write clear, consistent, and unambiguous project requirements. This product helps projects start out on the right foot and reduces overall projects costs by clarifying requirements before they are acted on. Our QVtrace product detects faults in engineering projects at the design phase. We specialize in finding errors in complex cyber-physical systems (e.g., aircraft, power plants, and automobile control systems). QVtrace analyzes the engineering designs of these systems and can identify critical and subtle errors before the design is manufactured. This saves engineering projects time and money and has the potential to save lives.

Work term outcomes

  • Create all assigned features
  • Fix all assigned bugs

Additional Details

  • 35 Hours Per Week
  • $20 per hour
  • 15 weeks duration Start Date September 4th, 2018


  • Dean Tsaltas

Interested applicants may send their cover letter and resume to Mike Macissac at mike_macissac@cbu.ca