CBU CO-OP ONLY – Live Different Tour Internship, Live Different – Ontario


Live Different tour internships are an intense and exciting hands-on way to gain experience
working for a charity, and to make a difference in the lives of young people all across Canada.
Our tour interns are integral to our school presentations program, and help us complete both the
on-stage and behind-the-scenes work that help us pull off life-changing motivational
presentations every day! You’ll travel the country, have the opportunity to share your story with
thousands of young people, develop new skills, and get to meet great new friends along the
Our 4 month internship in Canada assisting the Road Team Leader and helping to facilitate a
Canada-wide high school tour through administrative tasks such as communication with the
main office, schools, and billets.
Roles and responsibilities on the road range from administrative support, programs
ambassador, public speaking, logistics management, vehicle technician and A/V technician.



  • Experience working with young people
  • Proven ability to work with initiative both independently and with a team
  • Extensive volunteer experience with Live Different’s Build or Academy programs


  • A basic understanding of Youth and International Development issues
  • A strong understanding of Live Different’s programs, our development model and
    knowledge of host countries


  • The ability to communicate effectively with young people and adults and the ability to
    adapt information to different audiences
  • An ability to think and work creatively, especially in changing situations
  • High level of adaptability
  • Excellent organizational skills, including excellent time management
  • Excellent written communication and the ability to adapt information to different
  • Competent use of Salesforce, spreadsheets, emails, calendars, smartphone apps, etc.
  • Ability to explain and delegate important tasks to other interns
  • Ability to work closely with Road Team Leader to ensure schedules are met
  • Highly motivated with strong initiative to move Live Different’s programs forward


  • Advanced computer skills, knowledgeable in spreadsheets, data management
  • Strong customer service skills – communicating professionally with schools/billets
  • Extremely organized, advanced time management skills
  • Flexibility, ability to respond to changing situations
  • Experience speaking in front of large youth audiences
  • Natural ability to motivate and inspire those around you
  • Ability and desire to meet new people and engage effectively with with them
  • Previous experience in a recruitment promotional position
  • Experience speaking in front of large youth audiences
  • Sense of humour!
  • Ability to craft and communicate meaningful stories
  • Pivotal life experience that you are passionate about sharing with young people
  • Good understanding of navigation systems, GPS, googlemaps
  • Good understanding of Canadian geography
  • Advanced understanding of large vehicle maintenance
  • Ability to complete regular maintenance and basic repairs
  • Preferred to have bus licence for vehicles greater than 24 passengers
  • Experience driving large vehicles
  • Experience driving long distances in various extreme weather conditions
  • Formal training in A/V production
  • Previous experience in A/V production
  • Basic understanding of electronics and ability to troubleshoot


  • Passport that is valid until the end of the internship
  • Completion of High School
  • Current Clear Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Servant leader attitude




  • Communicate with and book billets, maintain database with correct contact info
  • Record show reports in a timely fashion
  • Assist with team finances

Builds Ambassador:

  • Speaking about Build Trips, the Academy, and internships in daily presentations (past
    participation in our Builds program is an asset)
  • Take responsibility as primary contact for talking to and actively engaging students and
    staff after presentations about Live Different’s programs.
  • Actively recruit and encourage students and staff to volunteer with Live Different’s
  • Actively seek out potential opportunities for future volunteers.


  • Motivational speaking in daily presentations
  • Blogging and social media creation
  • Working closely with administrator, will be the first person tasks get delegated to


  • Taking the lead on long-distance driving for cross-country tour
  • Bus maintenance, inspections, preventative and on the spot maintenance
  • Strong attention to detail to assist in travel scheduling and mapping
  • Packing and security of road gear
  • Ability to work closely with Road Team Leader to ensure schedules are met

A/V Tech:

  • Leading and organizing the set-up of the presentation
  • Ensuring the proper operation and maintenance of A/V equipment
  • Scouting power requirements for venues
  • Perform soundcheck, take the lead on production of sound and media during
  • Ensure proper care of equipment during packing and loading
  • Identifying need for repairs and ordering replacements in a timely fashion

Application Details

If you are interested in joining a team that is passionate about making a positive change
in the life of youth across Canada, please send your resume and cover letter to