ALL CBU STUDENTS – Track and Field Instructor/Supervisor, The Track and Field Association of Cape Breton


Track and Field Instructor/Supervisor
Estimated Number of Weeks: 8 Weeks
Start & End Date: May-July 2018
Hours per week: 35 hrs
Work Location: CBRM

Interested candidates are required to submit a completed application along with their resume.


Responsibilities include:

  • To plan and implement Spring and Summer Programs of the Track and Field Association of Cape Breton. Successful applicant must be willing to work flexible hours.
  • This includes meeting and planning with the following : partner organizations such as CBRM Recreation, CBVRSB staff and other organizations involved in the delivery of track and field in CBRM.
  • The teaching of technique of all track and field events  to the participants.
  • Participating in the management of competitions and track meets.
  • Coordination of activities with partners and parents.
  • Travel to sites of activities within the CBRM.
  • Collection of any fees and management involved in the programs, completion of biweekly reports (completed and submitted by Wednesday prior to each pay)and completion/update of program descriptions.
  • Will require a  motor vehicle, first aid training and a police check.
  • Other duties as assigned directly related to track and field.

Application Details

Interested applicants may send completed application and resume to

Deadline for submissions: Saturday, June 2nd, 2018