ALL CBU STUDENTS – Residents Assistant (RA), Cape Breton University


POSITION: Residence Assistant (RA) – 2018-19

DEPARTMENT: Residence – Student Affairs

REPORTING TO: Residence Manager

Term: September 2018 – April 2019

Remuneration: An honorarium to cover the cost of an apartment style residence per semester. Honorariums will be applied directly to CBU account.


RAs have specific responsibility for the administration and security of the tower/floor/building to which they are assigned as well as general responsibility throughout the Residence.<


  • Residence living experience of one (preferably two) years (usually this experience shall have been at Cape Breton University). In exceptional circumstances this requirement may be waived.
  • Evidence of ability to relate well with peers and an acceptable level of maturity.
  • Personal awareness of the skills and attributes required for the position.


  • Generally, RAs are not permitted to hold Students’ Union Executive positions. Exceptions to these restrictions can be made through the Residence Manager.
  • RAs will not be permitted to accept other employment without the approval of the Residence Manager.
  • RAs are not permitted to take more than five courses during the academic year. Exceptions will be made for technology programs or in other exceptional circumstances.
  • RAs are required to have a telephone.
  • The successful applicant(s) must agree to return to CBU by Sunday August 26, 2018 for the Residence Assistant Training Program (date subject to change).
  • RAs are required to remain on campus for 24 hours after the last scheduled exam at the end of each term and should be prepared to spend part of the mid-term break and some long weekends on campus.



  • Responsible for discipline; security; assisting and advising residence students; and developing, encouraging and presenting Residence activities, events, and programs.
  • RAs are involved intensively in residence life in a variety of ways, which includes:
    • (a) Providing the proper level of discipline in residence so that the rights and needs of all students to study, learn, rest, socialize, and grow is respected;
    • (b) Creating enthusiasm about residence activities by initiating and sponsoring programs that encourage students to learn by being involved in all phases of residence life. RAs work closely with the Residence Manager in program development, thus facilitating the growth of a “living/learning environment” within the residence;
    • (c) Orienting new students to the residence and providing opportunities for them to become acquainted with other residents;
    • (d) Aiding students as peer counsellors with personal, academic, financial, social or other problems when possible;
    • (e) Supplying information on residence life, course selection, facilities, and referral services available including medical, counselling, and financial aid;
    • (f) Assisting the administration in room selection and assignment as well as other administrative duties that may be required including room checks;
    • (g) Working closely with the Residence Manager, Residence Coordinator, Student Counsellor, Chaplain, and Director of Student Services.

Application Details

Applications must be received by the
Human Resources Department (CE329)
no later than 4 p.m. Friday, 9 March 2018
Human Resources Email:

Applicants are required to supply one letter of recommendation from a person in a position to assess the applicant’s suitability for the job (not a fellow student or coach). Letters of recommendation should be forwarded, in confidence, to Doug Connors, Residence Manager. Letters of recommendation may be forwarded by:

Internal mail: Harriss Hall Residence; or

Mailed to: Harriss Hall, 136 University Blvd, Sydney, NS B1M 1A2; or Emailed to:

In addition to a resume, applicants are required to submit an articulate statement (approximately one typewritten page) of what it is, in particular, that makes them a good candidate for the job. Please be specific about skills such as: relating with people, acting as a source of information, dealing with discipline problems, completing routine administration duties, handling a peer facilitator function, the ability to follow directions etc. Do not hesitate to mention any other personal information that is relevant in illustrating potential effectiveness as a RA. This statement, the letter of recommendation, and the resume are the basis for determining which applicants will be interviewed.


  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • One page (approx..) as to what in particular would make you a good RA
  • If possible, an email address

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.