ALL CBU STUDENTS – Rations Coordinator National Outdoor School Yukon


JOB TITLE: NOLS Yukon Rations Coordinator
REPORTS TO: NOLS Yukon Program Manager
JOB OBJECTIVE: To manage course rations and meals for NOLS Yukon, and to
provide students with a basic understanding of bulk food planning for expeditions
QUALIFICATIONS: Experience working with NOLS rations planning is preferred. A
pleasant and approachable manner with staff and students as well as a high degree of
motivation, initiative, and strong organizational skills are required. Must be willing and
able to work long hours on a flexible schedule. Should be familiar with Macintosh
computer systems and possess basic Excel spreadsheet and Word processing skills.

Experience with NOLS ration planning, working with expedition equipment, cooking
and/or driving commercially are all assets.


Read rations manual
Clean and organize rations room and storeroom
Re-establish accounts with vendors and place pre-season orders
Receive all orders and ready rations department for summer courses
Brief instructors on the rationing process and plan appropriately for course rationing
Supervise instructors and students throughout rationing process on course issue day
Supervise distribution of NOLS course rations and re-rations
Monitor inventory and manage rations budget, including sales revenues
Maintain a clean, orderly, and sanitary rations facility
Teach rations/nutrition classes
Perform other tasks as needed
Make necessary purchase in town
Plan, purchase and prepare in-town and road meals
Transport students and instructors to and from course locations in NOLS vehicles
Thoroughly clean rations room and storeroom
Properly store bins, bottles, and buckets for the following season
Properly store and/or sell leftover food and spices
Update rations manual as necessary
Update rations folder on the file server
Clean and organize rations office for the following season
Plan pre-season orders for following season

Application Details

Applicant must be a Canadian citizen, landed
immigrant, or possess a travel/holiday visa or work permit enabling legal employment in

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: A criminal background check is required from all
NOLS employees.
MOTOR VEHICLE RECORD: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age by the
position start date and possess a valid driver’s license. Must have a clean driving history
and be able to meet the criteria for NOLS vehicle insurance coverage.


Send cover letter and resume to: Briana Mackay
Phone: 1-855-685-6657
Cell: 1-778-868-3684
STARTING DATE: May 23rd, 2016
Thank you for your interest in NOLS. Please consider providing some optional,
anonymous information by visiting this link: