All CBU Students: CBU Students’ Union Vice President Promotions


Applications are invited from individuals interested in offering for the hired position of Vice President Promotions for 2019/2020 (May 1/19 to Apr. 30/20).


  • The VPP shall maintain a close liaison with Student Affairs, Registrar’s Office, and Residence Management to ensure a diverse and informative Frosh Week.
  • The VPP shall hold a seat on CBU Senate and the Board of Governors.
  • The VPP shall be responsible for the production of the content of the Student Handbook and oversee its production by an outsourced company.
  • The VPP shall hold a seat on the Caper Radio Inc. Board of Directors and the Caper Times Publishing Board.
  • The VPP will hold a seat on the Frosh Week Committee (Chair) and work with the General Manager and the Frosh Leaders to assist with the organization of volunteers and delegation of tasks for the week.
  • The VPP shall be responsible for overseeing all internal publicity of the Students’ Union including the promotion of all student events through the various modes of communication, with special emphasis placed on social media. This includes, but is not limited to the CBU Students’ Union website, Facebook Page, Twitter, and television display screens.
  • The VPP will be responsible for overseeing the digital design of all promotional material for Frosh Week, Winterfest, and other events as directed by the Executive Committee of the Students’ Union. They will also be responsible for ordering promotional material.
  • The VPP will work to ensure all advertising is current and is distributed throughout the CBU campus, placed on bulletin boards, and delivered to all residences.
  • The VPP will work closely with the General Manager to ensure that all concerts and Pit events are advertised properly, and that ancillary operations are promoted accordingly.
  • The VPP will sit on various committees as directed.
  • The VPP shall be responsible for any additional Union publications or media services and shall perform other such duties as directed by the President or the Executive Committee.
  • The VPP shall assume responsibility for enhancing student participation in all Students ’ Union sponsored daytime and evening events and activities, as well as helping to build a sense of school spirit and pride.
  • The VPP shall oversee and organize the Caper Crew.
  • The VPP shall be responsible for organizing all Athletics bus trips that are the responsibility of the Students’ Union.
  • The VPP shall be responsible for organizing daytime events that will engage on- and off-campus students, such as pool tournaments, sports pool tournaments, gaming tournaments, etc.
  • The VPP shall submit a monthly report to the Students’ Representative Council.
  • The VPP shall perform other such duties as directed by the President, the Executive Committee, and the SRC

Application Details

Resumes may be submitted in person to the Administration & Health Plan Manager at the Students’ Union Building between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Applications may also be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Students’ Union using the contact information at the bottom of this posting.

Please quote competition number VPP-0311-02 on all correspondence. Closing date for applications is Monday, March 11,2 019, no later than 4:00pm. Complete copies of the Students’ Union bylaws can be accessed on our website by visiting

Cover letter, resume, and references can be sent to:

Mailing address:  CBU Students’ Union, P.O. Box 5300, Sydney, NS   B1P 6L2

Fax:  902-539-2886 or Email: