ALL CBU BSc STUDENTS – Ocean Gallery Facilitator (Summer) – Halifax


Employment Dates: Week of May 14 to Week of Aug 13, 2018
Wage: $14/hour, 35 hours per week
Closing date: April 23, 2018

Position Objectives:
The main objective of the job is to create exciting, stimulating, hands-on/minds-on science education experiences for visitors in the ocean gallery. The Ocean Gallery Facilitator will assist in maintaining the life support systems of aquaria. She/he is the person who tends to the flora and fauna and ensures that they are fed and receive everything they need to live and thrive in their environment. She/he will engage the public in every possible faucet of their work, explaining the reason and importance of what they are doing, how conditions affect plant or animal life, and encourage the public to take an active role in protecting habitats.


Education must be in Marine Biology, Aquaculture or related field. Depth of knowledge in marine and freshwater species of flora and fauna and their associated ecosystems. Experience in science communication, experience in a front-line setting dealing with the public is recommended; strong interpersonal skills; must be comfortable engaging strangers and representing the organization’s values. Must have technical knowledge of large and small aquariums, both salt and fresh water, their operations, life support systems, maintenance and recommended repairs when needed. Applicants must currently be students and be returning to full-time studies in September. Applicants must qualify for the Nova Scotia Skills Development Program.


Description of Tasks:
The Ocean Gallery Facilitator works in the Science Education department under the supervision of the Coordinator, Ocean Gallery. The primary tasks are:

  • maintain the life support systems of aquaria
  • facilitate the visitor’s experience 2) research, develop and deliver a week-long summer camp program
  • create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment around the topic of oceans
  • maintain a safe and clean environment
  • work within a team-oriented environment, collaborating on new initiatives, and developing oceans-related programming

Application Details


All applicants are thanked in advance for their interest. Only applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted. A full commitment to the employment dates is required. Other than regular weekends additional time off during the summer will not be granted. Applications are to emailed to Applicants are to submit their resume, cover letter and references.