Experiential Learning at CBU

Broadly, experiential learning is any learning that supports students in applying their knowledge and conceptual understanding to real-world problems or situations where the instructor directs and facilitates learning. The classroom, laboratory, or studio can serve as a setting for experiential learning through embedded activities such as case and problem-based studies, guided inquiry, simulations, experiments, or art projects (Wurdinger & Carlson, 2010).

Here at CBU our students are given opportunities to learn in authentic situations on and off campus and the learning becomes significantly more powerful for students.

Experiential Learning opportunities are provided in the majority of programs offered here at CBU.

  • Co-op
  • Internships
  • Practicums
  • Research experiences
  • Work study bursaries
  • Service Learning
  • Curriculum Based Experiences

Experiential learning opportunities offer formal, guided, authentic, real-world experiences, students:

  • deepen their knowledge through repeatedly acting and then reflecting on this action,
  • develop skills through practice and reflection,
  • support the construction of new understandings when placed in novel situations, and
  • extend their learning as they bring their learning back to the classroom.

Check the impact our BHTM students have made at the Delta Hotels

CBU’s BHTM Internships at Delta Halifax from Cape Breton University on Vimeo.

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