The co-op program provides a head start on the road toward a successful and satisfying career. It offers experience that is much need in today’s competitive job market, and as well, an opportunity to integrate theoretical learning with practical applications in the workplace.

Are there any differences?

There are only slight differences between co-op options for BACS, BA and BBA students. Students in the BACS/BA programs are required to obtain 525 hours of work while BBA students are required to obtain a minimum of 420 hours to a maximum of 540. Also, a BBA student must have obtained 60 credits or have completed two years of study before they are eligible for the co-op program.  That being said, no matter what aspect of your program you are interested in, CBU has a co-op opportunity for you. Interested in a marketing co-op placement? No problem- CBU has one for you. Looking for a position that allows you to regularly communicate with people? Awesome-CBU has you covered. It doesn’t matter what you are studying, CBU has a co-op placement for you!

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Mike MacIsaac
Student Development Officer

Office: B134B

Phone: 902.563.1408

Jennifer Currie
Student Placement Officer - SSOB

Office: SB-113

Phone: 902.563.1196

Carly Turnbull
Student Placement Officer

Office: B-134-G

Phone: 902-563-1129