How do I apply?

Applicants are asked to submit the following:

  • A RESUME that includes education and training, work experience (including volunteer work experience), and additional information such as interests, skills, talents, licenses, memberships, etc.
  • A grade TRANSCRIPT from CBU with at least a 70% average.
  • THREE REFEREES, people who know you reasonably well and are willing to provide letters of reference attesting to your relevant personal attributes and abilities. It is advisable to include both personal and academic referees.
  • A STATEMENT OF PURPOSE, explaining why you want to undertake an internship, how you expect it to benefit you personally, academically and professionally, and what you can offer the program and the placement.

In order to be accepted into the co-op program, students must demonstrate suitability, readiness, significant motivation and ambassadorship. A grade average of 70% or higher is required, and students must complete the first two years of study before applying to the co-op program 

Is application assistance available?

If you are worried about preparing a resume or a cover letter – have no fear! CBU has staff available to help you prepare your resume. Why wait until graduation to start your future? Apply to the CBU co-op program today!

Mike MacIsaac
Student Development Officer

Office: B134B

Phone: 902.563.1408

Jennifer Currie
Student Placement Officer - SSOB

Office: SB-113

Phone: 902.563.1196

Carly Turnbull
Student Placement Officer

Office: B-134-G

Phone: 902-563-1129