Co-op Education

What is CO-OP?

The CBU Co-operative Education Program is an excellent opportunity for students to combine their academic study with work experience and discover their passion. While working with a mentor in their field of study students will earn a wage, academic credit* and gain a competitive edge for future employment and educational pursuits. (*exceptions apply)

Why consider CO-OP?

In CBU’s Co-op Option you will:

  • Develop valuable job search skills
  • Learn about yourself and your goals within your chosen field
  • Identify your preferred work environment
  • Discover how your degree applies in the workplace with support from faculty members
  • Broaden your network/contacts with professionals who can provide career mentorship
  • Return to studies with relatable experience, confidence and self-knowledge!

How does Co-op work?

  • Each work term consists of a full-time paid position that is a minimum of 12 weeks and/or 420 hours in length
  • Co-op Work Terms can take place in the Fall, Winter or Summer
  • You can arrange your own job and/or compete for positions posted by Career Services
  • You can work locally, nationally or internationally
  • While on Co-op, you are still considered to be a full-time student by both CBU and Canada Student Loan
  • For every work term you complete, you will be registered in a co-op course and pay the 3 credit course tuition fee. Registration in the course maintains your full-time student status with the university and is mandatory. You will receive 3-credits per co-op course which count toward your elective credits – (except in engineering technology and public health programs where these are non-credit courses).
  • While on your Work Term you will complete the following academic course requirements: creating initial goals/objectives with your employer, completing bi-weekly logs, a site visit by your Student Placement Officer, a final evaluation by your employer and a final reflective Work Term Report connecting your studies to your work experience.
  • This is a Pass/Fail course that will be graded by a faculty member from your discipline. Your grade in this course will not impact your overall GPA.
  • You can take more than one Co-op Work Term. Students must return to full-time studies for a minimum of one full-time semester prior to graduation

Who can apply to enroll in the CO-OP program?

  • Bachelor of Arts, 3 and 4 year degree programs, all disciplines
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment, 3 and 4 year programs, all disciplines**
  • Bachelor of Arts Community Studies, 3 and 4 year programs, all disciplines. (Co-op work terms would replace Work Placement courses COMS 2101/3101)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, 3 and 4 year programs, all disciplines.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology, 3 year degree program only, available to Petroleum and Electronics & Controls concentrations only (*not for credit)
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences: Public Health, 4 year degree only (*work term does not earn credit in this program)
  • Diploma in Public Administration

If you do not see your program listed above, contact a student placement officer to learn more!

How to Apply?

To join the Co-operative Education Program with Cape Breton University, contact the Student Placement Officer for your degree to make an appointment! (Eligibility varies by program)

Why wait until graduation to start your future? Apply to the CBU Co-op Program today!

Contact us at CBU Career Services for more information: