Conference Agenda

Healthy People and Communities Now and in the Future

THURSDAY, October 21
12:00 – 12:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
  Dr. Richard MacKinnon, CBU Vice-President, Academic and Provost and Dr. Kevin Orrell Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness and CEO of the Office of Health Care Professionals Recruitment in Nova Scotia.
12:15-12:20 Indigenous Welcome


Stephen Augustine, Associate Vice President, Indigenous Initiatives and Unama’ki College
12:20 – 12:35 Building Research & Innovation Capacity in Eastern Zone – Shared Objectives for Community Health
  Dr. Jane Lewis, Centre for Health, Wellness and Extended Learning, and Brett MacDougall, Executive Director of Operations, Eastern Zone, Nova Scotia Health


12:35 – 1:40 Research Abstract Presentations
  MicroResearch: Building Healthier Communities through Research Capacity

Dr. Noni MacDonald, MD PhD IWK | Dr. Bob Bortolussi, MD PhD IWK, Dal| Kelly Hunter


Walking Through an Uncertain Landscape: Fostering relationally engaged and ethically grounded community-based research

Dr. Lacie White, PhD CBU


Effects of nature soundscape on the autonomic nervous system and attentional capacity

Dr. Geoff Carre, PhD CBU | Michael Wall, PhD (c) UofT


Healthy and Happy Aging in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia: What We Can Learn from a Review of Programs Across the Country

Dr. Bishakha Mazumdar, PhD CBU | Dr. Kevin McKague, PhD CBU | Maya Giorbelidze, CBU



1:40 – 1:55 Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research in Cape Breton
  Dr. David Anderson, MD, Dean of Medicine, Dalhousie University, and Principal Investigator, Maritime SPOR Unit (MSSU)
1:55 – 2:10 Break
2:10– 2:25 Increasing access to life-saving interventions: Nova Scotia Health’s Clinical Trials Unit
  Dr. Jordan Warford, PhD, Senior Director of Research, Nova Scotia Health
2:25 – 2:40 Collaboration in Action – Nova Scotia Health and CBU
  Dr. Corrine McIsaac PhD, Associate Professor CBU and Dr. Janet Kuhnke PhD, Assistant Professor CBU, Debbie Lelievre NSH Lead- Patient Experience

Eastern Zone Director – Quality Improvement and Safety Nova Scotia Health present: Strategies to Address the Barriers for Implementation of Best Practice in Pressure Injury Prevention and Care within Nova Scotia Health’s Eastern Zone

2:40 – 3:25 Keynote Presentation

Annette Verschuren O.C., CBU Chancellor, Chair & CEO of NRStor Inc

Driving Innovation in Cape Breton

3:25 – 3:55 Research Abstract Presentations
  The Role of Simulation in Improving Health Care Systems

Dr. Vrinda Krishna, PhD CBU | Dr. Hamid Afshari, PhD CBU


Toward High Quality GAN-Synthesized Computed Tomography Images Using Quantitative Metrics

Dr. Tynan Stevens, MD NSH


3:55 – 4:15 Leveraging Innovation to Improve Health and Health Care: Nova Scotia Health’s Innovation Team
Brittney MacKinnon, Director of Innovation, Nova Scotia Health

Margaret Palmeter, Director of Business Development, Nova Scotia Health


4:15 Day 1 Wrap-up and Introduction to Day 2




FRIDAY, October 22, 2021

8:30 – 8:45 Building Research & Innovation Capacity in Nova Scotia
  Opening Remarks – Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Vice President of Research, Innovation & Discovery, and Chief Nurse Executive, Nova Scotia Health
8:45 – 9:00 Academic and Health Authority Partnerships – A Comprehensive Scoping Review


Dr. Britney Benoit, Assistant Professor, St. Francis Xavier University and Health Sciences Research Chair, Nova Scotia Health
9:00 – 9:50 Research Abstract Presentations
  Homelessness and Covid-19: Findings from Two Health Disasters

Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid, PhD CBU | Dr. Jeff Karabanow, PhD Dal | Dr. Haorui Wu, PhD UofT | Dr. Jean Hughes, PhD Dal | Kaitrin Doll, PhD (c) UofT | Meghan Richardson, MSc (c) UofL


Clinical Trials at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital

Michele Chappel, RN NSH


Getting the Whole Picture: An Anthropological Epidemiology for Future Epidemic Response

Dr. Joseph Parish, PhD CBU


9:50 – 10:05 Break
10:05 – 10:40 Research Abstract Presentations
  “They say ‘we’re sorry’, but sorry doesn’t really help”: Results from COVID-19 Rapid Research Study on Dementia Care in the Community in Eastern Nova Scotia

Dr. Katie Aubrecht, PhD StFX | Dr. Stephanie Mason, PhD StFX | Trudy Flynn, Maritime Strategy for Patient Oriented Research | Dr. Elaine Moody, PhD Dal | Dr. Meaghan Sim, RD PhD NSH | Kristin Hadfield, Trinity College | Mary Jean Hande, MSVU | Michelle DePodesta, NSH


Maskwiomin: Study of an Almost Forgotten Traditional Mi’kmaq Skin Remedy made from Birch Bark

Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel, PhD CBU | Dr. Tuma Young, PhD CBU


10:40 – 11:00 Break
11:00 – 11:30 Tajikeimɨk:  Priorities for Health Transformation
  Sharon Rudderham, Director of Health Transformation, Tajikeimɨk, Mi’kmaw Health and Wellness, with Lindsay Peach, Executive Director, Tajikeimɨk, Mi’kmaw Health and Wellness
11:30-12:30 Keynote Presentation

Dr. Brian Goldman MD

Disruptive Innovation and Teamwork

12:30-1:00 Outcomes & Actions – The Way Forward
  Dr. Tara Sampalli, PhD, Senior Scientific Director

Research, Innovation and Discovery, Nova Scotia Health