Research Institutes

Research institutes

Alexander Graham Bell Institute
This institute is dedicated to the memory and work of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell. Committed to maintaining Bell’s high standards of principle, practicality and social conscience, the institute continues to work on the study “Mining for nuggets,” while also developing new applied research projects.


Bras d’Or Institute for Ecosystem Research
The Bras d’Or Institute for Ecosystem Research is focused on finding the best ways to operationalize ecosystem-based management of human activities within the Maritime communities of Cape Breton. We partner widely with all levels of government, NGOs and the private sector.


Community Economic Development (CED) Institute
The Community Economic Development Institute offers a wide variety of services, including:
• community economic development training
• policy advice and evaluation
• organization and community strategic planning
• information about community consultative processes


International Institute for Tourism Development
In consultation with the Advisory Board of Cape Breton University, which is made up of faculty, research fellows and industry stakeholders, the International Institute for Tourism Development is CBU’s contribution to the promotion, encouragement and support of the area’s tourism development.

Institute for Integrative Science and Health (IISH)
This institute views science in a culturally inclusive way that uses Two-Eyed Seeing—a guiding principle that combines Western scientific knowledge and Indigenous ways of knowing. We believe that science is dynamic, based on patterns and shared through stories.

Institute for the Development of Energy and Sustainability
The Centre of Excellence in Petroleum Development, provides dedicated resources for the establishment of infrastructure, creation of academic programs and contributions to the business community.


Louisbourg Institute
A joint venture between CBU and the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada, The Louisbourg Institute supports a range of collaborative projects that:

  • highlight the wonders of the Fortress of Louisbourg
  • promote innovation and excellence in teaching and research
  • enhance learning experiences

Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Institute (SMEI)

This institute assists faculty and students working on projects in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. Through the institute, Cape Breton University students can gain direct, hands-on experience in business operations and the entrepreneurial process and culture.


Tompkins Leadership Institute

Named for Dr. Jimmy Tompkins (1870-1953), a pioneering leader of Cape Breton’s movement for dignity, development, and community enterprise, the Tompkins Institute does applied research and continuing education with the goal of more effective community-based organizations.

2015-2016 projects:

  • Co-organized (with the National Trust for Canada) Regenerating Places of Faith Conference, including a demonstration “green audit” for places of faith in Cape Breton;
  • Co-sponsored Cape Breton social enterprise workshop (affordable housing renovations) with Marty Donkervoort (Winnipeg Inner City Renovations);
  • Pro bono workshops and consulting on “Leading Community Organizations” (governance, conflict resolution, marketing, and fund-raising)

In 2015, Dr. Tom Urbaniak ( succeeded long-time director and social entrepreneur Dr. Greg MacLeod (professor emeritus).


Tanya Brann-Barrett
Dean of Research, Teaching & Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Communication

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1843

Brenda Leloup
Assistant to the Dean

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1304

Sarah Conrod
Manager, Industry Partnerships & Research Commercialization

Office: B254

Phone: 902.563.1842

Dana Mount
Assistant Dean of Research, Teaching & Graduate Studies and Assistant Professor of English

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1338

Zuzana Istvankova
Research Administration Officer, Major Initiatives

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1832

Nicole MacDougall
Research Administration Officer, Facilitation and Outreach

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1107