Internal Grants

Securing funding

Research, Innovation, Scholarship, and Exploration (RISE) Grants

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) supports various forms of research and scholarly activity by awarding internal grants of up to $8,000 per calendar year through the Research Assistance Committee of Senate (RAC). If you’re a full-time faculty member or an employee doing research at CBU, you’re eligible to apply.

Guidelines & eligibility: Please refer to our RISE Policy and Guidelines

Application Process:

  1. Check you internet browser compatibility. We recommend Internet Explorer for using the online RISE application system.
  2. Access the RISE Grant Submissions page to create new online application form. You will need to login with your CBU credentials (user name: first name_last, and enter your CBU password). Once you access the submission page, click ”add document” to create new application.
  3. Follow the instructions. Spaces with red asterisk are mandatory. Click “more info” if you need clarification.
  4. Save your form as you work on it.
  5. Before you are ready to submit, follow these instructions how to save your application in PDF format for your future reference.
  6. Any problems with the RISE Grant Application can be directed to the ORGS by email.

Next Competition Deadline: Friday, February 22, 2019

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole MacDougall at (902.563.1107) or at

RISE Grant Frequently asked questions – and answers

Start-Up Grants

If you’re a new faculty member, within the first two years of tenure-track appointment, you’re eligible for a one-time grant of $2,000.

Guidelines & eligibility: You must apply for and spend these funds within the first two years of your appointment.

Application: Download the application, fill in the form (best with Adobe Acrobat) and submit to the Dean of Research, Teaching and Graduate Studies by emailing Brenda Leloup, Assistant to the Dean, Research, Teaching and Graduate Studies, School of Professional Studies. More information on the start-up grant is available in the collective agreement and on the CBUFA website.

If you have questions about the application or process, please contact Research Administration Officer, (902.563.1832) or by email.

Intake of applications is ongoing. You can also apply for Start-up grants here.

Video Conferencing FAQS.

Research Conference Travel

Conference participation is an important component of a faculty member’s research and professional development plan.  The schools and the library each have a fund to support travel to research conferences.  This fund conforms to the terms and conditions of the CBU/CBUFA collective agreement (32.3) and is intended to supplement Professional Development Funds (32.3) and external research funds available to faculty.  NSGEU instructors involved in research are also eligible for travel to research conferences through this fund.  More details and application forms can be obtained from the deans’ administrative assistants.

Request to Host a Conference at CBU

CBU recognizes that academic conferences are an effect manner of disseminating the results of research and important part of academic life. As such, faculty are encouraged to host academic conferences at CBU and this grant is indented to serve as a tool to help facilitate. The type and amount of support, including financial, offered by CBU will depend on the expected number of delegates and whether the conference is regional, national or international. Every conference is different and will be considered on its own merits (prestige, number of delegates, budget demands, etc.).

Prior to Agreeing to Host
Before agreeing to host a conference a faculty member must:

  1. Contact Conference Services to determine availability of facilities at CBU such as Lecture and Seminar rooms, food services, residence rooms, etc.;
  2. Consult with his/her department chair and school dean to determine what financial support would be available from CBU;
  3. Fill in and submit Request to Host a Conference Form to apply for CBU Internal Grant support.

After Agreeing to Host

Immediately after CBU has formally been awarded the right to host a given conference, the faculty member should:

  1. Confirm with Conference Services what facilities will be needed and book them as soon as possible.
  2. Make a formal application to the Office of Research & Graduate Studies for financial support (using this form).

Final Report

Within 60 days of the conclusion of the conference, the conference chair must submit a final written report to his/her School Dean and the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies. The report must include a final financial statement for the conference, including a plan to deal with any surplus or deficit.