External Grants

*A list of upcoming funding deadlines can be found here.*

External grants

There are a number of external grants available to CBU researchers, including grants from:

Supporting your success

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies supports any research applications, especially applications that require institutional letters of support and a description of the importance of the work within CBU’s research strategy. We also report to funding agencies on behalf of CBU researchers.

The application process

Please note that CBU internal submission dates are at least two weeks earlier than external deadlines. Some of these dates are based on prior calendar years, so please check the calendar or email Research Advancement Officer to determine if the funding agency has changed the date for this year’s competition.

Once you’re ready to apply, follow this easy two-step process:

Step 1: Submit your application to the Research Office for review and institutional signatures.

Step 2: Then submit your application to Research Advancement Officer. The RAO will make sure it has received institutional approval, and then submit your application on your behalf.

Please note: If you wish to apply for partnership funds or major infrastructure grants, please contact Research Officer (MRPO), as soon as possible at 902-563-1832 or by email.

See the Calendar of Important Dates to find relevant deadlines.