2017 SnapShot Theses

Cape Breton University’s Thesis/Major Project SnapShot event provides a platform for CBU students to present key aspects of their research to a live audience. Below you will find presentations from 2017.

Learn more about the SnapShot Thesis project and view previous years here.

2017 SnapShot Presentations

Playing Naturally: A Cape Breton Naturalized Playground Case Study

Catalina Belalcazar, BACS, Major in Political Science, Environment, and Communication (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

Tree specific effects of canopy passage on acidity and electrical conductivity of rainwater

Emily Bennett, BSc. Honours Biology (Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Bouman)

Investigation into the effects of salmon hydrolysate enhanced biochar on the growth of barley

Amanda Cameron, BSc Honours Chemistry (Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie)

Examining a Coaches Actions in Developing Masters Athletes

Chelsea Currie, BSc and SPAL (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

My Glace Bay

Theresa MacAdam, BACS (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

How training climate influences learning facilitation among Masters and youth athletes

Justin MacLellan, BSc. Biology, MA Human Kinetics (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

The shift from “I want to be skinny” to “I want to be healthy”

Kerri Marshall, BACS, Major in Psychology (Supervisor: Dr. Bettina Callary)

Cy McLean: A Time for Change

Wade Pfaff, BA Honors Anthropology (Supervisor: Dr. Graham Reynolds)

Determination of the Activation Energy of an Iron Binding Polymer

Doug Richards, BSc Honours Chemistry (Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel)

An Evaluation of Positive Space Training and LGBTQ+ Inclusivity at Cape Breton University

Kirstie Taylor, BA Psychology (Supervisor: Dr. Heather Schmidt)

Synthesis and Characterization of Biocarbons for use as Chiral Stationary Phases in Enantioselective Chromatography

Matt Tobin, BSc Honours Chemistry (Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie)

Coupling of antibody Fc region to DNA aptamer

Lorena Ucciferri, BSc Honours Chemistry (Supervisor: Dr. Xu Zhang)