Alyssa Moss

“It’s been a non-stop learning experience since the day I started working in the lab. Getting the opportunity to be trained on a variety of instruments is great!”

Westmount native Alyssa Moss has been interested in science since her high school years at Riverview. “I participated in the science fair all through high school. I even got the opportunity to go to the Canada Wide Science Fair two years in a row where I was exposed to so many different types of science. It was the science fairs that introduced me to research and I’ve been interested ever since!”

research-profiles-alyssa-mossAlyssa is part of the research group under the supervision of Dr. Bierenstiel who studies inorganic chemistry. “This summer I work in the inorganic chemistry lab for Dr. Bierenstiel. For my research project, I synthesize ligands and complex them with copper. Once I have them synthesized, I characterize my compounds with specialized instruments in order to gain information about the compound.” Inorganic chemistry is used in industrial processes such as water purification methods, medical applications, and construction. Alyssa’s work in the Bierenstiel group will contribute to larger studies on the relationship between certain inorganic compounds— a very important contribution to the chemistry world!

Spending her undergraduate degree at CBU has been great, she adds. “I first got involved with the Chem. Society and got to know all the members. They were all involved in research and it sounded great so I started talking to my professors about other research opportunities. And it’s been a non-stop learning experience since the day I started working in the lab.” Working alongside other research students in chemistry and close relationships with professors means that there’s always something to learn and rarely a dull moment.

She doesn’t quite know what the future holds, but she’s hoping to continue with her research. Alyssa’s research is funded by NSERC through a USRA and she plans to continue down the path of chemistry. “I’m not too sure what my future plans are yet, I might go to grad school or enter a professional program but I don’t have any plans as of now. I’m hoping by working in a lab this summer, I’ll get experience and figure out if research is a good career plan for me.”