Continuing Chemistry at CBU, Dr. Khaled Omari

Continuing Chemistry at CBU

After obtaining his feature-student-khaled-omari01doctorate in Chemistry, under the supervision of Dr. Francesca Kerton, from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Dr. Khaled Omari took his love of chemistry and interest in industrial projects to the next level by heading to Cape Breton University, where he has been participating in a post doctoral fellowship.

Dr. Omari has been working closely with Dr. Stephanie MacQaurrie, an Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry at CBU. Under her supervision, Dr. Omari has gained research experience, developed new skills and learned how to operate equipment relevant to his field.

Dr. MacQuarrie’s research area in Organic Chemistry fit quite nicely with Dr. Omari’s interest in Green/Environmental Chemistry. His experience so far has been very rewarding. In the last three months, he has been working with activating carbon, absorbing heavy metals, removing chemical compounds from water, and more.

“I like the challenges and opportunities at CBU,” says Dr. Omari. “Everybody here is motivated to achieve their goals.” He hopes someday he can recreate these challenges and opportunities for future students. “I look forward to having a position in a university or an industry to teach, train and perform research studies. The focus of my studies will be related to industrial projects in the university and industry in green/environmental chemistry. In addition to my future position, I would like to act as a consultant for an industry.” There is no doubt that Dr. Omari is passionate about his field, and hopes to make a difference in our environment. He hopes that the research he is involved in at CBU will one day impact the world of chemistry, and will aid in the creation of alternate chemical services which will keep our environment safe.

He says he would absolutely recommend students take part in research at the undergraduate level, as you gain knowledge and experiences you never thought were available to you.

Dr. Omari would like to thank his family, supervisors, and friends for supporting him through his educational journey.

Dr. Omari is a presenter in the Student Research Series, which is being held each Wednesday throughout the summer.