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Marketing Students Bring Happen to Life through Classwork

For Joanne Pyke, Associate Professor of Marketing in the Shannon School of Business, her 2015 Marketing 2303 – Advertising and Sales Promotion Management class was a little more happening than usual.  Joanne says, “Each class I make contact with a client who may be interested in having a video produced to promote their product or service.  Students work in groups of four to develop a creative brief, storyboard and video for their client. The client visits class at the beginning of term to talk about their company and expectation with the project.”  This year’s client just happened to be Cape Breton University.

Joanne’s course is a hands-on, real life learning experience for students where they use video programs to produce and edit a 1-2 minute video for their client.  Students also learn about other forms of media through in-class discussion, text book material, assignments and tests. 
“I hope that the students will have a better understanding of the process needed to produce a video, keeping it within the timeframe allotted and having it TV (internet) ready for the client at the end of term,” says Joanne. “Students will also have a better understanding of current media used by companies and how this impacts the advertising industry and them as consumers.”

Fourth-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student from North Sydney, Sarah Musgrave says that her class group enjoyed the project, “I think my favourite part about this project was the creative process and the actual filming. We had a lot of fun with it!” She playfully adds, “I've learned that those employed in graphic design and editing positions are probably the most patient people on the planet.”

For Joanne that makes the class a success. She states, “I want the students to know that learning can be fun and interactive.  I try to make the experience as real as possible for students so working with clients, producing a creative brief, storyboard and video are key components of the project.  Students' involvement in this type of assignment will provide an experience which will better prepare those who may seek employment at an advertising agency or a similar department within an organization.”

Third-year BBA student Whitney MacLean adds, “This project allowed me to share my reasons for choosing CBU with those contemplating attending CBU. I loved the opportunity to show from a current CBU student perspective all that CBU has to offer. I wanted to show students that CBU is a university worth staying home for.”

Finalized videos are now live on CBU’s youtube channel for your viewing pleasure. Click the thumbs up on videos to vote. The video with the most votes (not the most views!) by Monday, April 13, 2015, will win a prize package from CBU’s marketing and Communications Department.