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iCreate Cape Breton to host Youth Showcase

This Friday, June 12 the members of the iCreate Cape Breton Pilot Project will host a Youth Showcase. The Youth Showcase will feature visual art, rapping, spoken word, theatrical exercises, video screenings and a pilot social enterprise project that young Cape Bretoners have created over the past six weeks. The event will take place at the Boardmore Theatre at 7 p.m.

When asked about the importance of the Youth Showcase, Dr. Sheila Christie, associate professor of English says, “The showcase is important because it’s an opportunity to hear the issues and perspectives that are important to local youth and because it can be a catalyst for further conversation in our community about issues that matter.”

iCreate Cape Breton is a pilot project that involves youth, elders and scholars working together to promote youth resilience in the face of many of today’s pressures. It was created by two CBU professors – Dr. Sheila Christie and Dr. Marcia Ostashewski, an assistant professor of Ethnomusicology and a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Communities and Cultures.

The project’s first initiative looked at how slow violence and long-term environmental destruction maintains injustice, inequality and misfortune among local communities. The youth involved with the project used artistic and scientific investigation methods to explore the effect these issues have on their lives. When their investigation was complete, the youth created art, music and theatrical performances to represent their findings. Many of these artistic representations will be shown during the closing presentation.

In the future, members of the iCreate Cape Breton project will work with the youth and community partners to encourage future conversations about important issues. “Some of the groups want to continue to meet in the community and develop their artistic projects, including theatre performance, documentary development and audio recording,” states Dr. Christie. Documentary film maker Finn Yarbrough has been invited by members of the project to work with the youth on a short film. “In the long run, we will apply for funding to engage more partners in more locations and to apply what we’ve learned about fostering intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogue.”

Everyone is encouraged to come and witness the marvelous creations and performances that the Youth Showcase has to offer. Following the Showcase, audience members are invited to chat with the participants. There will light refreshments and admission is by donation; any money raised will go to the youth organizations, Access 808 and the Whitney Pier Boys and Girls Club.
For more information, visit the iCreate Cape Breton website or visit their Facebook page.